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The Great MDK Ease-along


My personal ease-along is not so much knitting, but getting back to sewing. I am tempted by the PIcket Fence blanket. I’m trying to decide if using stash resulting in a blanket of many colors would work.


This sounds like one of the grand moments in stashing: figuring out what to do with it. Maybe just lay out a bunch of skeins and see what looks harmonious? I can spend days doing stuff like this. Enjoy the pondering!


Easing and sailing…


Stash diving for my Bohdi but I have already started #2, I am using dishcloth cotton that is in the stash but I am also liking the finished size. I am thinking I will get a few out of a single ball. Knitting with cotton or linen or hemp is hard for me since no give so I will be knitting these slowly I think.


Easing right along! I made three Bohdi leaves in the original pattern and then decided a larger size would be more useful. I will make several larger size cloths to have on hand as gifts! I am using my very large stash of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for these. I started the Sail-Away Scarf yesterday and it is “sailing right along”!


A larger size! What did you change in your stitch counts to arrive at a Big Bodhi?


Let’s see. I followed the pattern, but continued the increases until I had 33 stitches. The next increase ( not the yarn overs) gave me 35. Then I knit every row until I had a length I liked, and then started the decreases. I find that when I have to decrease both at the beginning and end of a row I sometimes forget the second one. On this pattern it worked fine to decrease at the start of each row. When the stitch count was down to 9 stitches I followed the original pattern. With ease :slight_smile:


Thank you for the potato chips. I started my first chip this morning while waiting at University of Iowa Hospital for my husband to have some tests on his eyes. It’s been a hell of a 4 months since he had a bad fall, so I’m trying to ease back into life and, as usual, knitting is my sanity-saver/sanity-restorer. I expect to make many of the wash cloths, because who can eat just one potato chip?


So glad you have knitting with you. I know how hard it can be to have a loved one having a tough time.

Wishing you peace!


Just started Savage Heart with the gorgeous Haymarket in Euphoria after reading the post about grist.


What a beautiful color—and so happy to hear that Jillian’s post was helpful. It was definitely an eye opener for me!


I’ve got 6 Bodhi Leaf wash cloths done. 3 washcloth cotton, 1 linen, 1 in I Love this cotton (Hobby Lobby), and 1 in Red Heart Scrubby Cotton. 1st time I tried it. Don’t like knitting with it but I guess I’ll use up what I have.


P.S. It then cooled off so I went back to my Find Your Fade shawl and the Kyler’s Kardigan for my young birthday buddy.


It’s so exfoliating! And what a lovely batch of leaves.


This was immediately after knitting a “12 lb” cotton Carbeth Cardigan.:relaxed:


I so enjoyed the Ease of knitting the Sea Breeze Cowl Poncho and wanted to continue with the Ease of a stockinette project in the round. A bonus of ongoing Ease was using up the last of my Shibui Knits Drift in Ash. Of course, I also needed to take advantage of the MDK sale and purchased two additional skeins in Graphite!!

This is the Yin and Yang Loop cowl from Ravelry. I modified to add some Criss-Cross stitches from Sea Breeze.


Ooh, double stranded. I made my first (and only so far) Bodhi leaf washcloth with a single strand of SWTC Terra (50/50 bamboo & cotton) and it’s decidedly small. I have a bunch of balls of this yarn from a friend’s destashing so I see another cloth in my future. Maybe this afternoon… let’s see a glass of sun tea, shoes off, feet up… yep, works for me. Thanks for the post.


I’m back to this project after a vacation break where this was too big to travel with and some time finishing other FOs. What is our deadline? Here’s my most recent collection.37302771_2130867267184005_8684433583433056256_n_medium


I’m in! i’ve spent a lot of time on the St. Lawrence River this summer, and have left a trail of bohdi leaves all over it!


This is soooo gorgeous!!! The colors are so rich and juicy!!!