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The Great MDK Ease-along


Thanks, still trying to make new combos for the last half. 12 done!


I made four washcloths from hemp dyed in a natural dyeing class last summer. Now I’ve started using them for face cloths and they are just perfect!


Pennie, those are just beautiful. The colors are so rich and saturated.


My daughter loves them and has requested that I make more for her!!! They are so wonderful! Yours are beautiful!!! I agree with Ann, the colors are so rich!


15 down, 5 to go. I think I need to break up the darker values on the top a bit. Also try to get a black in each row so I’m going to do at least 3 more black top stripes.38757443_485820428562868_7225153242718535680_n_small2


I love these. I’m trying to figure out some other use for them because my family doesn’t believe in washclothes. Maybe appliques?


Some kind of fall decoration?


That is a good idea! I also made the leaf scarf a few years ago, I think it was designed by Kat Coyle. Maybe the washcloths could be sewn together in some way.


My way of finding ease turned out to be sorting all of my wool stash and bagging it appropriately. Such a rewarding and relaxing task! And I got to pet all the squishies (my balls of yarn) along the way. I’m still not sure which of them will go towards my project but I’m having a blast getting there.


I so need a weekend without the husband and dogs to do this!


Finally finished my Picket Fence blanket. I ran out of black and had to find another skein of this discontinued yarn but I tracked some down. It took another week to do the icord and weave in the ends but it was worth it! I would totally make this again and have just as much fun with color choices.


Gorgeous. Great job!


Spectacular work😍


Just beautiful! Well done.


Thank you! It was inspiring all the way through.


Thank you, just don’t look to close;)


The colors make me happy, thank you!


Stunningly beautiful!!!


Thank you! I am enjoying it already, trying to keep the cats off of it too:)


Eased this one so much I am just now getting around to uploading a picture. Squishy and soft sail away I’ve already worn a lot.