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Sorry for the long gap between responses, finals week is next week (eek!)

Dog grooming tools? like a dog brush? This sounds interesting, have you heard of a blog I could read?

Also, You’re great ^^


If you can join a local spinning guild, you might be able to borrow/rent tools for processing inexpensively. Also has classifieds for spinners, I’ve secured several items through this site, you might be able to get second-hand tools for reasonable prices.

Not a website, but if you check out Deb Robson, she has a dvd about rare breeds and it includes a wonderful section on how to prep fleece and how to outfit yourself inexpensively with dog brushes and combs. Their biggest drawback is you won’t get the “very” best results, and the tools will not last as long as wool combs and cards, but it will give you enough time to see if this is something you want to invest in. She also has a free craftsy class that will give you a lot of information about sheep breeds. . .


I do not spin, but last spring I had a slightly scary teen age boy engage me in a long conversation about crocheting after he saw me crocheting on the subway -he had learned when much younger and was nostalgic for that tine in his life. He was a foster care kid, and was on his way to see his lawyer regarding his foster care.His mom being dead, his foster parents wanted to adopt him. I gave him a hard time about not being in school, it being during the school day, and he appreciated it. Really, what was with his lawyer? That poor kid needed some routine really badly


Aw man, now I’m going to go spend ALL THE MONEY :grin:


Happy to enable you :smile:

But free craftsy class!


I hope finals went well! I don’t even have that as an excuse for being slow to reply - just life, I guess. :slight_smile:

I think I read about using dog grooming tools in Judith MacKenzie’s Teach Yourself Visually Handspinning ( That was the first book I bought when I got my wheel, and it was great to get me started. I just started reading The Practical Spinner’s Guide - Wool by Kate Larson (, and it has everything I’ve been wanting to know about selecting and washing fleeces myself. (Interweave has great sales every so often, and I think I got this book for less than $10. In hindsight, I would happily pay full price - it’s amazing.)

And thank you! :blush:


So one month after my post about not getting a wheel any time soon… I now have a wheel!! It was given to me by someone in my spinning guild. Apparently it was given to her and was just gathering dust, and she was looking for someone who would really use it. She said she picked me because she saw I was persistent with my spindles. (At guild meetings I’m always the only one standing up to drop spindle… everyone else brings their wheels!)

It’s a castle-style double-drive, built in 1996. I’ve already had to replace the drive band–it probably deteriorated while it wasn’t being used. It started fraying after I practice treadled for a couple of days. But my friend did oil it & check that it was in working order before she gave it to me.


Congrats!! Use it in good health!


Yay! Is it a cotton drive band? I find I have to replace mine every few months or so if I am spinning regularly. Also, the type of cotton used makes a big difference. My wheel is an Ashford, and the material they sell doesn’t seem to last as long as cotton candle wicking that I can buy at the craft store.

Happy spinning!


Yes, cotton. I found on Beth Smith’s blog that she loves #3 crochet cotton for it! I ordered some from Amazon, but in the meantime I used #10 crochet cotton that I have around for lifelines and such. It’s working… I read somewhere that #10 is good if you want a really light take-up. I have to say, it’s a little TOO light. LOL


Ohhh… adding more things to my wish list! Thank you so much for your helpful tips! You are the super greatest. I’ll have to see if anyone is looking for a christmas present for me still… :grin:


I’m getting the hang of my new wheel!


That’s so great! Way to go!


I’m impressed! What are you spinning?


It’s just some mystery wool that I’m using for practice. :slight_smile:


If you have any beeswax, apply that to the cotton. Will help a bit with the take-up and should give the cotton a little more sturdiness.


I don’t, but I can probably find some.


I just found out that I WILL be getting a spinning wheel for Christmas!
I know it’s technically after Christmas, but he said I could have it just as soon as the paint was dry, and I’m not complaining! He made me a Dodec! dances

Does anyone here have a dodec spinning wheel? Is there anything I should know, being a beginning spinner and probably a little too overexcited for this?


I had to google the dodec spinning wheel since I had never heard of it before. I saw that there are some Youtube videos with dodec spinning wheels, so perhaps they will help you. Please post a picture when you get a chance!


Ooooooh, I hadn’t thought of looking on Youtube, thanks! :grin:

For sure! He said it should be ready today or tomorrow and that he could deliver it come Sunday :slight_smile: (Thanks for being interested haha - not many people in my life are :grimacing:)