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The Swatch Doctor Is In!


Thanks for good wishes. l I’ll probably post photos here, or on Ravelry. Trying to decide between Blue Mussel and Pale Adobe as colors - though Smooch is also great!


How big is your actual swatch? I like to measure over at least 4 inches for a sweater. Small swatches lie.


Hello, me again. First time attempt to measure gauge on a lace swatch and I am at a loss. Please advise. Truly appreciate any direction.


I would count this as 5 stitches to the inch and 6 rows to the inch. Hope that helps!


Thank you!! It helps a bunch!!


I don’t know how I missed this, it’s brilliant!


I assume it’s way too late to reply, but I since I didn’t see a reply… I always go with the fabric I like. Sometimes that may mean math for the gauge/size to work, but for me the fabric I like is always most important. Also, I seem to never like the gauge given on the ball band.

I’m currently bathing a swatch to experiment with my gauge vs the pattern gauge for a stranded cowl. Since it’s only my second stranded project I’ve no idea what blocking may change, also I don’t yet know what kind of fabric I like for a stranded cowl.

Btw, Ann, throughout my first stranded neckwarmer I kept hearing you say “spread out the stitches” & “knit inside out”. The latter was frustrating because i couldn’t figure out how to do it, even tho I know I’ve done it with socks unintentionally! Yes, I know you all taught us stranding over a year ago. I’m the knitting caboose!

Btw, no one ever told me how easy 2 color stranding is! I’ve been scared for years, for no reason at all!


Thank you for your reply. I did go with the needles to give gauge rather than the fabric I preferred. Having said that though I am really happy with the finished garment. Rather wear it than do the math!:grimacing:


So happy to hear it!

Turns out the only math I like is knitting math. Wish I had known that when I attended a math-science high school! (Actually, I didn’t dislike the math, just thought it was boring, compared to English or Social Studies or science with a good teacher (the later was rare in my day at the infamous math-science school)


PSA: Nell Z. has been giving me advice and she asked that I share this in the Lounge for anyone else it might help. she shared how to “swatch flat for knitting in the round” which I found to be absolutely genius!!

My new Akerworks is awesome btw and Julie Asselin’s Hektos is a dream😍 So I have to knit another swatch on 2 needle sizes larger😭
Good thing I bought extra yarn!!