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To keep going or to frog, or, how much puckering is too much?

I’m way late to the Bang Out a Birkin party, but I’m here at last. I’ve knit fair isle before and never had trouble with puckering, but I’m wondering if the three strands of color is getting the best of me. I can’t decide whether to rip this out or keep going. I’m not a perfectionist, but more of an okayist. What do you think? Would this be okay to keep going or would you frog? :frog:
image image


Personally I think this would block out. But this is definitely from one okayist to another!


Totally agree😉

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I would keep going to the point where you are done with the colorwork and can slip it over your head to check fit. I frogged a Birkin after getting to that point because the fit was not good, despite having worked with Amy Herzog to choose the appropriate size. Any colorwork glitches will likely block out, as people have said. If there are some puckers AND the fit is bad, then frogging might be a good choice, speaking as one who frogged the darn thing!


I am late to the Birkin party too ( it’s on my list). I love your color choices, and agree that it will probably block out ok. Remember that you are the boss of your knitting!:blush:

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Pucker? What pucker? That is GORGEOUS.
Onward, I say!


Thanks everybody! I’m going to keep going. Lots of plain knitting in the round coming up! Perfect Super Bowl knitting. :yarn: :blush:


I agree that the puckering will almost certainly block out. The bigger issue is will it fit. I would knit to the underarm bind off, cast on and block, then try it on. I did this with Humulus, which I’m knitting from ancient yarn and it really helped me decide to keep going. I too was worried it wouldn’t block out, but the result is great. Plus, I know it will fit when finished.

Good luck, and I agree that your color choice is wonderful!


Now that I looked again at your photo, it looks like you are at a good spot to block what you’ve done so far. I’d put the live stitches on a generous thread, block it out and then try it on when it dries. Use any blocking method you prefer

After securely tying the thread, I put my Humulus in the washer with Euclann to soak, spun it dry and blocked what I had done. The results were great and really helpful.