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Traveling Stitch or Cable? It's Not Brioche


I’ve spent years trying to find out how to do this pattern…most comments from Ravelry said it was a traveling st instead of a cable. Has anyone seen a pattern for this. I just think it’s gorgeous…any direction would be so appreciated, Cyn


That is pretty, hope someone will know. It does look like a cable except for the elongated, twisted stitches at the beginning of each cable.


I will scan some stitch dictionaries and see if I can find something similar but it does look like a twisted stitch.


I too think it’s traveling because it never crosses over. Have you tried playing around with decreases? Or maybe find a simplier traveling stitch to learn the tricks? Good luck!


No, I’ve never done a traveling pattern to play w/ it, but I thought the idea so pretty w/ a cable look and not the bulk