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Trip to London UK


My niece has been interning this summer at the Parliment building. My brother just got back from visiting her. One of the places she wanted to show her family was the Churchill Arms Tavern in Nottingham. Looks interesting inside and out.

My 15 y.o. son flies to London this afternoon.


London is one of my favorite cities, which I visited twice. But last my trip to this city was adorable. I visited London Eye and met many celebrities in the famous British museum. Of course I can not forget the great shops on Oxford street. Btw, I bought last first class tickets on and i want to return to London again.


I saw this tavern from the cab, on the way out to Heathrow airport. I did want a photo but yours will do. Lots of flowered windowboxes and hanging flower baskets. Very pretty city.


I did not knit much on the way over and none on the way back. I just seemed to get so sleepy on the plane. I carried bamboo needles and they didn’t take them away from me at the airports.


Good to know.


I’ve also not had any issues with knitting needles at Heathrow (and I did not call ahead).


I saw this place from the taxi on the way out. It is definitely a place to visit ’ next time’.


I am back and finally rested from the time difference from London to California, US, and the 10 hour plane trip. I loved Loop’s, Liberty, and Fortum and Mason. I went to Liberty twice to purchase more fabric, and Fortnum and Mason twice to purchase more of their Turkish candy. The architecture and the Winchester area was great. I have stayed at a small hostel, Hyde Park View, which is located near 3 tube stops and is quiet. We were walking around for about 10 days and got really tired at times. I didn’t like the new Tate. It was into stuff that I couldn’t get into and very noisy in the entry way. The V&A had an excellent eating area and is worth the stop for that even if you don’t want to visit the museum (free). At Kew, the Maids on Honor Tea Room didn’t disappoint. We took the boat trip up river from Westminster Pier to Hampton Palace. It was so-so. The trip upriver took 3 hours and the train trip back was 20 minutes. We took the tube everywhere except when we left the Savoy Hotel (from our tea). It was raining hard and I forgot my umbrella. We took a cab and paid $$$. I think that we missed the Camden Lock Market and went to something else instead. However, my teenage granddaughter was very happy and made a purchase of vintage shirts. I think that the next time I am in London, I would like to be with an adult. By the way, we paid to enter the Royal Mews while circling the Palace. It was worthwhile and not too expensive.


More on this. The weather was really muggy and humid. I am unused to this in our western US. We have dry summers. It needs to be accounted for if going to London in the Summer.


Sounds like you had as good a time as we did. Your favorites were the same
as mine. We were only there for five days, not ten. Some days we rode the
bus and not the tube because of the stairs. I have a heart condition and
would get short of breath. Even so, I’m ready to go back. We were there in
May and it was warm but not too humid. My favorite was Liberty.


Liberty was one of my favorites also. I bought some really beautiful linen fabric one the first visit, and then returned for tana lawn for a dress on the second. However, Loop’s was my favorite, out in Islington. I would like to go back for only a couple of days this time to repeat some of the places that were done in a cursory fashion. Maybe when traveling somewhere else and using London as a mult-city stop, or just in and out of London and using the train to go elsewhere.


if you like fabric, next time you should visit The Cloth House which is not far from Liberty. Several fabric shops on Berwick street actually are really great as several Fashion schools are in the immediate neighborhood.


We have some special fabric stores, here in No California. Britex in San Francisco and Stone Mountain and Daughter in Berkeley for example. Do you think that these are better. I will check The Cloth House on line. Always interested. I purchase from Mood’s in New York on line, and from Marcy Tilton, who imports many of her fabrics. It is just that I used to sew with Liberty wool challis, which is no longer made. They have another wool fabric but the prints were not pretty to me.
I would hate to have to carry a lot of fabric home on the plane, if I could get it here, or by mail order.


oh, I did not know Marcy Tilton had a website selling fabric! Fantastic stuff. Here’s the link to that for fellow sewists. Thank you for the rabbit hole! OMgoodness, owl printed Rayon Crepe? ::faints::

Is Cloth House better than Stone Mountain & Daughter? It seems you live in the geographic Valhalla of fabric shops. I live where fabric shops are as common as hen’s teeth so any trip is an occasion for seeking them out. Cloth House does excel in indigo cottons, linens, and vintage trims which are stacked in shabby chic cupboards like candy. And their window dressing is always divine. It was Boro-inspired when I was there this July.


I haven’t been to Stone Mtn & Daughter for a while so can’t answer that. We actually don’t have that many good fabric shops. There is also Satin Moon in San Francisco and an interesting on on Haight St in the same city. Cloth House does look good. I would be interested in the washed Irish linen and the hand woven Indian fabrics. Vintage trims sound good also. On your side, Liberty had sheer silk prints that were to die for (if you were willing to die for fabric). The latter would be so cool in a boxy top, ala Eileen Fisher.


For those knitters that live in Nashville, British Airways is starting a nonstop from BNA-Nashville to LHR-London (Heathrow) next year 2018.
I’ve been to England several times, daughter+family used to live there, and I went to the Loop store almost every time. I miss it all immensely.
We would “swing through the streets with ease like Tarzan” using the bus system (I think Ric Steve said it like that). We also tried the tube but the buses, solely from the upper deck, gave the best view.