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Twining Wrap for dummies

I am a bit over my head with this project, but that’s how you learn, right? Got through the Setup, now on Cable Segment 1, Section A. First row is 25 stitches and second row should end up to be 25 as well, but it’s only 21, so there must be stitches at one or both edges that aren’t part of the Increase Panel chart or the Padded Cable chart. I can guess but I don’t want to guess wrong, so what are they?

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Caveat: I am knitting the Transom Cardigan, not the Twining Wrap

Would the 4 stitch established edging that is before the marker on even rows and after the marker on odd rows make up the stitch count?

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The 4-stitch left border isn’t included in the Increase panel or the 1st Padded Cable panel. Are you remembering to count it even though it’s separated from the cable by a stitch marker?

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I am also finding the pattern difficult to understand. I am on Row 43 which equates to row 3 of increase panel and added cable.
Would someone be able to spell out the order for all stitches on that row so I can follow along. Please also include the 4 stitch border. Is that on both ends?
Thank you