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Vogue Knitting Live NYC 2019


Hi everyone. I’m going to my first Vogue Knitting Live in New York City. I don’t have a ton of time to be there unfortunately. Question: how do you find an individual vendor? For example Brooklyn General Store? Any other advice for negotiating the Marketplace?


Hooray! You are going to have a blast. Grab a map of the Marketplace when you check in–it shows all the vendor locations.

And I hope our paths will cross! Kay and I will be signing Field Guides and generally saying hi at two times:

Friday, Jan. 25, 6-7 pm: Periwinkle Sheep booth. Hand dyer Karin Maag-Tanchak created a special palette of her Merino DK just for MDK, and she’ll have samples of that and all her other beautiful yarns.

Saturday, Jan. 26, noon-1 pm: Knitty City booth. Pearl Chin’s shop is Kay’s local yarn store, so it’s a special treat to get to see Pearl Chin and her crew. She always has a ton of yarn, really great stuff.


I will definitely try to say hi on Saturday at the Knitty City booth. Glad to here I can get a booth map.


Hi there!
Last year was my first VKL at the Marriott, so here is my advice:
#1 carry as little as possible IN to the show, the handouts, samples pile up quickly
#2 bring a LARGE empty tote
#3 dress in comfortable shoes and in layers, there are 2 floors and last year the lower floor was absolutely STIFLING, my hand knits came off quickly and went into the tote.
#4 Bring in your own snacks to keep up your strength and be prepared for EXPENSIVE refreshment/food. Why spend money on eats when there is SO MUCH YARN?


Thanks. This really is good advice.–Maybe I’ll just wear a little kerchief!