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We Welcome Your Feedback About The Lounge


Is there a way to invite people to join?


Yes–there’s an Invite button right at the bottom of this page–you can invite anyone to join any topic. I think I’ll go do some inviting right now. Thanks for the idea!


Go to your profile and it will tell you what badges you have earned. Top right on my screen. May be different on mobile devices.


Yesterday I began my 1st squad mitt after digging deep in my old needle stash to find a set of 9" size 1 circular needles from years ago that I used to knit cuffs on a baby sweater. I’m finishing the dove, penny loafer segment & sipping on tea just now as I figure out the dpn switch to begin the thumb. DPNs are new for me…feeling fearless. Loving the Lounge. Thanks


Making progress with the DPNs, only 2 holes where I reversed the knit into the front/back. This yarn is heavenly to see, feel & penny loafer reminders me of my old ones.


Ann and Kay, thank you. Well done…I have been spending an unseemly amount of time here. Everything is so well thought out and the articles and stories are so intelligent and interesting.

The writing is a joy to read, real thoughtful writing without the acromyns, exclamation points, and emojis that passes for communication now. There are things to read and think about here.

I hope you will continue. I hope our encouragement and support makes you able to continue. A site like this is a tremendous amount of work. A labor of love, clearly and one you should be very proud of.

Perhaps you will consider other ways we can support you besides the shop…maybe a donate button or Patreon page. Please consider it at some point.

Thanks, Jean


Is it possible to change my username? I know I did it once, but now I seem to have lost that option.


See if this works: click on your username, wherever you see it. Then, see the Preferences button? Click that. You should then see your username with a pencil beside it, that universal symbol of Edit This Thing. You should be able to edit your username there. Let me know if this pencil isn’t showing up in your profile, and I’ll go harangue somebody.


I tried that and sadly the little edit button isn’t there. I can change my profile and my email address, but not my username. Maybe once is the limit? I don’t know… I’m not planning on abusing this feature, but if I could change it just one more time? If not I might just delete this account and set up a new one with improved username :slight_smile:


Could someone start a conversation about what podcasts we’re listening to? Have to tell y’all about Making Oprah, a three part series, with promises of extras, that discusses the 25 year history of the show. Have to believe there are a number of us who are/were The Oprah Winfrey Show fans.


Ann, I’m thinking of changing my username too. But when I go to preferences there’s a pencil next to my email address but not my username.

(I certainly hope you’re not dealing with this at 9:30 on Thanksgiving morning. Have a happy day. )


Can you tell us how to edit our username? I went into preferences but only see that pencil-thing after my email. I didn’t mean for my name to be the beginning of my email and would like to change it. Thanks!


I am just learning to navigate the lounge, so forgive me if i am putting my comments in the wrong section.
I was not thrilled to find that my username was chosen for me from part of my email address. Not a techy person, I had no idea of how to change it even when sent an informayive email as to that process. It had to be done for me (and I ended up waiting many days because I was not clear enough of what I needed in my communications to MDK) . This has not been the case when making comments the Daily Letter, we just plug in our names and email address.

We are assured that our email addresses will not be publushed, but part of mine was. I urge whoever set up this login process for The Lounge to please consider an easier, more confidential way for us to do it.


So sorry the pencil-thing isn’t showing up. I can definitely alter your
username if you’d like to let me know what it is–just message me with the


Hey LizxyTheFinn, not being the sharpest, I can’t figure out how to change my user name. Can’t even find where username is listed. Oy! Altho did manage to find my profile page. Thanks so much for your help!


Hi Marilyn! You ARE the sharpest! Our system is not. ; ) Your username can be found once you get to your Profile page. Click Preferences, and you should see a username window with a pencil beside it. This is where you can change your username. If you’re not seeing this, please let me know!


Hi Ann!
Thanks so much for your uber fast reply. Please accept this apology for my tardy one. In fact this still isn’t my reply because I wanted to check it again using my computer since I was using an iPad when I couldn’t see the edit option.

I’ll let you know either way, once I remember to check on that darn computer.

Btw, I really do love the new site, especially the programming for The Lounge. You & Kay are so damn smart!




The edit pencil is a curse, I tell you! Has anyone else out there found
that their username doesn’t have the edit pencil beside it? I’m talking
about the thing when you click on your username, go to Preferences, then
see options for your profile info.

By the way, you can decorate your profile background with photos. There is
no finer time-eater than picking out profile background pix. I may do this
all day long!


I was able to edit my username once, and the pencil has not been there since. Maybe there is a limit to how often you can do it? Or it only worked briefly, and now no longer does?


Hi Ann1, just checked and there was the “edit pencil” beside my name and I did change it as like so many others it was part of my e-mail. Checked through the rest of that page and shouldn’t have - IT keeps track of how many hours I have spent here - oh my! - no wonder I am way behind on my knitting. You have a winner in the new MDK if my hours logged are any indication.