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I think I am in the same boat as @janalukas
I have edited my username once (to get it to my actual name, and not my email address prefix), and now the pencil is gone. While I have no need to re-edit my username, I am thankful that I managed to spell my name right on the first try.


I do not have an edit button next to my user name, but I was able to upload a picture of myself!!! Love that! Thanks!


Yes to a Lounge thread about podcasts! LOVED the “Making Oprah” series, and hoping for more behind-the-scenes stories like the one on the great car giveaway. You get a car! YOU get a car!


The edit button apparently melts away after a few days! O technology you are annoying. We’re working on this. But at least we can see you now! Great to see you.


No pencil for me. Can I change username if I make up a new email?


I wrote above (#33/45) re: the use of part of my email address without my permission. After many days of back and firth with MDK, it was supposed to have been changed for me to the name I have always chosen to use in my many years of writing comments after what is now called the “daily” letter. I have, I think, only written once in The Lounge since then until just a few minutes ago when I was horrified to see that whatever mechanism you guys are using has defaulted back to part of my email address. I do not understand why my privacy wishes are being ignored by your system, and do not wish to hear anything about “the pencil” icon, or whatever it is called. Please just fix this once and for all. Thanks in advance.


Hi! I am new to the lounge and a beginner knitter. I love to make hats cowls and scarfs.


Hi Diane - Thanks for the feedback and we’re sorry for the inconvenience! Not sure how that happened, but we will be contacting you directly to ensure we get it straightened out for you! Thanks for being a part of the conversation.

Liz, ECommerce Manager


Apologies in advance if I am resurrecting a dead topic - I do not have the pencil edit button, and I’d love to see if I can change my username. Has this issue been addressed as of yet?
I have the edit pencil for my email and my profile picture but not my username. I’d love to see if I could be just katie!


Ok, you’ve made me feel better because I couldn’t find it, but now I’ll look again. Thanks!


My username doesn’t have The edit pencil, although it was there for two other items.


I’m new to the forum, but I’m looking forward to joining in on the fun I can tell y’all have here. :slight_smile:


Hello Yarnshopgirl! Just found your note–so glad you’re here! Bring your
knitting and let us know what you’re up to.



Thanks! I’ll be sure and do that! :slight_smile: