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Also, I guess I should share…


I have just started setting up my new bujo! And the second entry in the index (after birthdays and anniversaries) is my YARN page!!, a list of my stash and each yarn’s GRIST!!! thank you Ann/MDK!


How could I leave out Kay??? my bujo hero? sorry and many thanks


Hi Kay- I have been contemplating a bullet journal as a way to get all of the stuff outta my head, because sometimes it gets stuck in there, or lost, and never sees the light of day. Also, I’d like to progress beyond ‘putting out fires’ professionally (I’m a middle school teacher, forever having a great idea 2 minutes before I need to implement it) and get out in front of things a bit more. And I have a collection of fun writing tools I rarely use.
Bujo seems like a potenial answer to all these challenges. 10 minutes a day- I can commit to that. Count me in.


Recently knitsonik did a couple of blog posts about how she uses her bujo. Hers are very pretty and worth a look.[Knit sonic journals](

Her posts a month or two ago got me thinking about this, and she does amazing things with washi tape, including selling some in her shop.


I’ve been using the Bullet Journal for the last three years with a small break for a few months. I tried a different paper planner during the break but missed the ability to create my own and utilize what worked for me. So I started up again in July. I don’t use a lot of embellishments, just a bit of washi tape a colored pen or two to signify things I need to do for work. I also journal in it a bit as well as tape in things like ticket stubs and photos, if the feeling hits.


Hi Joan,
I just started, but I ran up against that early on. I decided I did want my bujo to contain work as well as personal stuff, and in order to do that without lots of duplication, I keep a printout of my calendar (the week I’m in plus the next week) folded and tucked inside. That way I don’t have to rewrite all my appointments in my bujo, and I’m not stranded if I’m away from my phone/computer. I already did the work of putting it in my electronic calendar, may as well leverage that with the tidy print out.

I have pages for work notes, and make use of indexing and threading.

:smiley: Alice


Hi Amy,
I just replied to Joan kindof about this…how about bujo plus a print out of your week? See below for longer/more. :smiley: Alice


Er…above. below? above. somewhere in this thread! haha


That’s great information Mardee and thanks so much for taking the time. I’ll definately be starting this and I do like the look of the Bullet Journal. Thanks for the photos too. All so helpful.


I ordered the journal from MDK and started using it Dec 1st. I’m using it to keep track of my aging parents and all that is going with that part of my life. So far this has been helpful when communicating with my siblings about my parents.


Alice, thanks so much. I like your idea of a print out, but because I don’t put my schedule on an electronic calendar, I have a smaller Hobonichi Weeks (Monthly plus weekly pages with a lot of pages at the back that I use to write down client info and to use to help schedule client visits -my clients are kids, so I go to them, not the other way round, LOL). I keep that in my purse to carry around with me and it stays up to date. Then I regularly enter that schedule into a larger A5 size planner with Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily spreads (Hobonichi Cousin). I am intrigued with the idea of keeping sections for habit tracking, collections (books, movies, goals, future planning) and the concept of “threading” them from one book to the next as you move into the next physical book. Also, the Index – wonderful idea! Am thinking what I will do is to keep a separate bullet journal for everything but the schedule and routinely incorporate what I write in the Bullet Journal into my planners. That would make for the least duplication and the most productivity. That’s what I’m thinking right now, anyway. We’ll see - at least with the BuJo you can pick it up and just keep on without wasting pages or time. I also love the idea of keeping a section for Knitting and other craft projects. (Like where did I stop on this thing???;))


So agree with you on that - just writing it down implies a commitment, even if you have to keep on writing it down…


I applaud you that your stash would actually fit on a page! :slight_smile:


Also agree, although if you read the book that this was based on, re-prioritizing as you carry things forward is important as well. I regularly “vote things off my island” so to speak, to rule out those ideas that sounded good at the time but don’t fit with what I really need to get accomplished - or I move them to a future month in my “Future” section so I can revisit again later.


I’ll have my 2 year BuJo anniversary on Jan.1…after trying all kinds of calendars and journals, including expensive and/or pretty ones, this is the first journal with which I’ve continued more than a few months. My library offered a one evening course on the whys and hows based on Ryder’s system. I love that it can be adjusted to one’s style and I no longer have to do lists and post-its all around the house. Last year I had open heart surgery in early January and my bujo didn’t see the light of day till sometime in late March…I just went to the next page. Some folks use it as a craft project and if that works for them…great. I don’t care to spend more than 5 or 10 minutes each day to check in, update the future list and migrate. I use pencil and follow the original plan…no artsy stuff. Off and on I track projects…since my surgery, I now track my cardio exercise and do have a couple of daily meds to track, as well. I’ve also included a page for my family that includes all my doctors’ contact information. That page is listed in the index and I will migrate that index notation (i.e. Journal #3 and page number) to each new journal. Mostly I use simple Moleskine journals and I like lines rather than dots. I did try a hard back once…a cheaper version of the famous “L” journal. I carry mine with me everywhere and found that I prefer a soft cover for it’s weight and to fit in various purses. Of course, the soft Moleskines don’t have as many pages but they’re so inexpensive and it’s easy to migrate to a new one. I keep the used ones in my file cabinet for reference, if necessary. When my phone is next in my hand I’ll take a photo.


Thank you for this! I will reread it again and again to help me keep it simple!


Any paper/tablet will do…you can even try it out by stapling pages together.


Hi cbshiffman. Beautiful! I love that you have others draw in it!


Those are my favorite pages!