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Thanks for the tip about pens!


When I first started reading these posts I thought, nah I don’t need a BuJo…but y’all have changed me! While I likely won’t use one for day to day tasks, I think one would be perfect for pattern ideas and sketches! Thank you to all for your insights!


For some reason, I’ve been resistant to the Bullet Journal. Maybe I found it too trendy although that certainly hasn’t kept me from Marie Kondo or Gretchen Rubin, so who knows what it was. Perhaps it was that I’ve had the Get to Work Book for the last three years. There are many things I love about it, but I really never utilized all the elements, which sometimes made me feel guilty.

So, I’m in. I’m going to give it a go. I love paper (I’m a writer) and love to keep lists (I have little notebooks with lists from years ago that really give me a snapshot of who I was or who I was trying to be at the time - instant empathy for younger self!). I can tack the time onto my morning journaling (which I never reread - the horror!). I’m also intrigued about the Gantt chart action, which is probably covered in the video I have yet to watch (as soon as I’m done typing, I swear!).

Thanks for the inspiration to start.


You are my soul-sister!
I fun day I have the same challenges, notice the word challenges and not problems, that took a whole year.
I can’t wait to start my Bujo journey.


These pages are wonderful, Mardee!


I’m in awe of your embellishments. I love the idea of letting others draw in your notebook. Planner/diary/scrapbook/autograph book.


It amuses me to think of seeing “GRIST” in the index of my Bujo. But it’s so so handy when you find yourself in a yarn-rich environment.


I read somewhere, maybe on the Bujo site, that the notebook is not the real benefit here, it’s the habit you get into of thinking and prioritizing so that you actually move in the direction you want to go instead of just slogging through your to-do list.


It’s nice to think of it as a tool for improving communications in tough or complex situations. I really could have used a Bujo in the first year or two after my husband died and I felt so overwhelmed by stuff that was suddenly my sole responsibility.


I am a serial monogamist when it comes to planning systems. I used time design for years (which essentially uses the David Allen getting things done method). Love their format for the pages, but not the sizes or smaller binder. Now use Covey paper, but still essentially the same system with someannual tweaks. You may convince me to try this…


I want to join in. I purchased a Bullet Journal 2 yrs ago but then my life went pear-shaped when my daughter moved home unexpectedly and apparently I abandoned all writing of any kind. I also admit I was intimidated by all of the beautiful examples of journals on Instagram and Pinterest. I have to also admit that I am drawn to the washi tape and fun pens and things that people do on their pages. So only time will tell if I abandon my feelings of inadequacy and follow my love of washi tape. It will not work for me if it becomes another creative project…


I also use a page for weekly, but mine is far less fancy.


Well, maybe I’m going to need a BuJo entry “learn the correct way to post in The Lounge.” Apologies if this messes something up!

Here’s my quasi BuJo. The idea of the pen holder, cover wrap is not originally mine. I do claim credit for inventing the embroidered tamale bag pen holder journal cover wrap.

My pages aren’t decorated. It’s a Moleskin dot grid. Ready for a new one and will start it in Jan. That one is a Leuchtturm1917 but just bought locally, not sold as a BuJo.

Looking forward to trying a few things out again. If I just keep my weekend planning going, that will be just fine.GMB%20BuJo%20pen%20holder


Funny at u ask. I made a page listing my favorite pens because while I like basic pens found at Staples, I’m very particular about exactly which ones and which point size. Only 3 made my list.

I’ve opted against doing a fancy coloar coded bujo, in the hopes that this will be somethign I continue and I know it would bug me if I set up colors amd then didn’t follow them. Also I don’t need yet another aid in procrastination.


I have a lifelong addiction to pens and paper. My choice of pen depends on the weight of paper. I like the smoothness of gel ink, the saturation of felt-tip markers, and the lack of shadowing found with ballpoint. If my pages are thicker, my favorites Inkjoy (gel) or Stabilo (markers). My writing utensils are often bought at a large box store in person, but I find myself hunting journals online (even though I have several stockpiled).


Don’t be intimidated. I posted photos of some of my prettier collections but most days my journal is just a few bullet points and it sometimes looks like coded gibberish that only I understand. As Kay says above, it’s more about the process than the product. In fact, being too fussy or making it a big art project can impede its usefulness, which the inventor addresses in his bookl


Hmmmmm, process vs. project, where have I heard that before?..


GRIST? What is this in terms of yarn?


This is outstanding. A Bujo holster!


Here you go:

Prepare to get your mind blown by the great Jillian Moreno.