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That’s my feeling: it can’t become another project. It has to exist solely as a helpmate for my other projects. The minute it starts to feel like an overdue deadline, it’s dead to me.


I already have a paper calendar and an electronic calendar. With this system, would I need to record regular weekly events a third time?


Beautiful, greeboatgb!


Thank you!, Sandy


I’ve been thinking the same thing. I would have used the heck out of a journal like this during my husbands illness and for the first two years after his death. It was hard enough dealing with the emotions of that part of my life. Adding in the professional and legal “stuff” was almost too much and a journal like this - so simple to use - would have helped. Thankfully I had a wonderful support system that is still in place during this stage of my life. And there are always the fiber arts to give my creative side a place to escape to.


Love this!


Reader, I covered it. Had some accidentally boiled wool (a sock yarn cowl). Had some super glue. Scissors. Boom.


Thanks. I have done a lot of art and journals since I was in my teens ( a. very. long. time. ago.) but never as structured as the BuJo I guess I just have to do it my way, which is a kind of stream of consciousness/imperfect/scratchpad way. in any event, I have collected some supplies to have handy. Now I just really want to go buy some fun washi tape. Could be a new addiction.


wow that is awesome!


This is so cool. My number one pet peeve is not having the right pen around. My requirements are water-resistant ink. I find the pilot pens are ok but not the uniballs. What are your faves and why?


I don’t record them multiple times. My bullet journal is a substitute for the paper calendar. I only use the electronic calendar for work, because meetings and such change so often, so between 8 and 5, it’s the electronic calendar, but any personal events are in the bullet journal. That said, you could forgo the “monthly” pages in your BuJo (which is where I track calendar-like things) and just recap the events of the day in your daily check-in session.


Ok, thanks. Can’t live without my paper “kitchen calendar” – nor without my electronic calendar when I’m out and about.

Mostly need a system to help me get things done beyond the “calendar-like” things. So, may try your suggestion. Thanks!


We are also committed to Google Calendar for similar reasons - a family group of 6 or 7 who keep track of things we have to know about each other’s schedule. And I have been frustrated because for some reason it doesn’t consistently update on my phone or tablet, so it’s less than useful when I’m not at my laptop.

But DUH I never thought of printing the calendar to carry around! Thanks amy for the inspiration. Maybe now I’ll not forget things and be on time for everything?!


Since I hate starting anything in the month Of January because it all but guarantees failure for me, I am starting mine today.

I recently came across a journal keeper that I purchased many years ago and wala, my journal fits inside. It solves the problem for me of having my tools handy, which is a game stopper for me. They are not made anymore but the general idea is that if I have my stuff together I am more likely to engage. My son gave me a gift card for Michaels ( a craft supply store) for my birthday, and I intend to buy fun things to do my pages.


I’m with you on this one! It would have been so helpful to record the proper settings on the tractor for mowing the lawn, and so many other things that I had to learn! Heck, if I was really smart, I would have asked him a lot of things before he died :wink: YouTube videos have been a godsend, though!


I am also beginning today, and stripped down to basics… including using just a couple sheets of folded copy paper & a #2 pencil for my “journal.” There is much to keep track of over the next couple of weeks and why wait? I figure this will be a good intro to Bullet Journaling, and I don’t have to worry about messing up abook… which who cares, anyway, because it’s mine, but you know. I am excited to see where this takes me. Thanks for the nudge, Kay!


Thank you, Nell.


Gorgeous! What a great idea!! Hmmm, now looking at my cover…


Hello! I am new to Lounge posting.
I’ve tried a Bullet Journal before on my own and failed. It was overwhelming. But I am tired of to do lists hanging on the pantry doors, losing them, and rewriting them.
So I’m in. I’ve created the index and January and February pages. I’m not really sure how the monthly task page is different than the daily list page. Maybe because I use a paper calendar and the calendar on my phone?
And collections! The names of all those tv/cable show I don’t get to watch! A place for gifts given and gifts received! All in one place!
I have the knitting journal from Germany… last years. Failed that too. So knitting is separate from life here.
I thinking ‘make it mine’ is my new mantra!
Thank you


The coolest part of Bullet Journaling is that you can make it exactly the way YOU want it to be. There’s no right way to BuJo. Make it a project journal? Absolutely. I keep an electronic calendar on my phone and have kept a paper kitchen cupboard calendar for years but I think I’ll skip that in 2019 and see how that works.