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I think I want to try this!! I love it because it is sort of what I have evolved toward anyway, but I didn’t have a nice name or a all-in-one-book system for it. But since my family started following Biblical months instead of the regular Gregorian calendar, so many of the pretty planners I used to use just are not as practical … I’m tired of crossing out all the days of the week names / month names anyway, so writing them myself isn’t that different … I really like the idea of actually just booting some things from the lists. I am so used to recopying my “to-do’s” over and over and over, but it takes years before I will let something fall off! I like having permission to let things go!


I already use a similar notebook, mostly for work, but it’s not really a system. I also use an electronic calendar and contacts list. The notebook is for jotting down to do lists and reminders and also contact info from new callers, who later get entered in the electronic list. But if I have not yet entered them I know where to look. But here’s the big but, which I’ve struggled with for twenty years. No one has developed a miracle system to help me get everything done on the to do list when I get interrupted by new business matters and phone calls, many of which need higher priority than existing matters. I really need a clone of myself or more hours in the day. The BuJo can’t really do that, although it purports to do so.


I really encourage you to read David Allen’s getting things done. His Next actions, waiting for, and “commas by person” has really helped me o move the needle. In some ways similar to this type of journal, but I lean towards loose leaf planners so I can organize and reorganize my notes. Though I love many of these notebooks, I struggle with the binding. I also use an electronic calendar and contact list.


It is a remarkable concept and blew my mind when I read it here on MDK…it also explained several knitting "fails,’ including running-out-of-yarn-how-the-heck-did-that-happen??-fails


I, too, find that the act of writing helps solidify ideas. And I have also found myself with Multiple Lists and calendars, resenting the time wasted making duplicate entries. I am hopeful this (single) method will work for me.


I love this. I have resisted calling what I do Bullet Journaling because I have multiple books. I love buying smaller, thinner blank books and each one gets a title (homeschool, costume work, home improvement) they are from MUJI.

I also have a planner that is dated and I just got a new Hobonichi Weeks, so I’m kind of all over. I have considered a Travelers Notebook, because then all my books can live together. I don’t know. But, migration is key no matter what.

I also cross things off my list just because I am so sick of re-writing them. I try to do one “I don’t want to deal with this” item a week, but sometimes it has to be daily, with the 3 teens and 3 cats, 2 dogs, 2 fish and a hamster. and a husband.


What a wonderful example of making it your own! I’ve recently been wondering how I might reflect my orientation to the seasons. Now you have me pondering how our experiences of time can be unique and reflected in our BuJos. Thank you, susiemarie!


As of 3:10pm Sunday, 12/23/18, I am a BuJo failure. I started my BuJo before Thanksgiving. I have a terrible time with getting things done. I think of something, add it to my mental list and then hope my mental list is not forgotten which it pretty much always is!

I’ve been pretty electronic for years, after doing Franklin-Covey for 10 years. I’ve found I miss the writing down of something, but was afraid of losing/forgetting it when I had my iPhone, Mac Plus and iPad all combined to keep me organized.

When I read about BuJo, I thought of how writing stuff down seems to help with remembering. All the pictures I saw on Instagram or online both intrigued and scared me. I loved the pretty pictures, but realizing my complete lack of drawing/painting/designing ability, was intimidated. Reading Ryder’s book has been helpful. It is OK to be simple.

Anyway, I started late November, kept it up for a few weeks, liked it, but the last week or so has been pitiful. I haven’t even looked at it! I was going to try again (I’ve bought stickers, pens and all kinds of stuff) and update it today, but here I am reading and writing about it, but not doing! Sigh… I think this thread could help me & have read the entries with interest. OK, I’m going it try again (Yeah, yeah…I know there is no try! :wink: ). Christmas will soon be over and life will maybe get a little less nuts. Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it!

PS Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all!


Good luck. Just like riding a bike, or a horse, the most important thing is to get back up and try again!!


I use one page in my Bujo to test out pens (and label them). This let’s me see which bleed through (though I found using a blank index card helps prevent bleed thru to another page) and which might ‘fight’ the toothiness of the page.


Bujos are supposed to be fun. You need it feel the need to write in it every day. I started out that way and when I didn’t record something everyday I felt like
I had failed. Giving up that notion allowed me the freedom to use it when and for whatever I felt like. Stay the course! You’ll be glad you did!


Ugh! Unfortunately this TB Field Notebook has been discontinued. Count yourself lucky to have it!


Hello fellow BuJo lovers (exeprienced and new)! I’ve been using a bullet journal since August 2016, when it replaced my obsessive use of a weekly planner combined with umpteen notebooks that would result in losing my notes (or having the wrong books with me). I’m using the Leuchturm dotted, but am considering swapping to grid paper when I get a new one (I go through 1 per year). I’m definitely going to be adding a note on grist. Here’s a page I drew up to keep track of the knitting projects I’m planning for next year!


I woke up the other morning thinking about how I’ll use my bullet journal; mostly pages I’ll keep and index, like my project/grist list ( thank you, Kay), to do lists for volunteer org I’m with, party planning lists and clothing purchased this year. I use Wunderlist app on my iPhone, keep my calendar on my phone/ computer, but write my day’s activities in a Levenger paper calendar every day so doing that in a bujo is not a big change. I will keep a separate knitting Bujo for project and swatching notes. Going to retrofit one I have right now! Looking forward to just doing this. Will have to fight the urge to compete with all the artistic bujo keepers—that will be a real time suck! Will return here often for guidance and inspiration.


I :heart: Levenger paper. I keep trying to figure how to use circa fora BuJo.


If you figure it out, let me know! I love their paper, too, though I have the letter size calendar now (even bought a lovely leather cover for it), and that size never travels, it just stays on the desk. I’m going to put it on ice while I experiment with Bujo using the Leuchtturm 1917. Sometimes I think I try all these calendar and organizing systems just for the paper.


I have the same affliction (addiction???). I love notebooks! Will keep you posted.


I have my Bullet Journal and pens at the ready and I’ve just ordered “The Bullet Journal Method” by Ryder Carroll, for pick up at Barnes&Noble. Can you tell how seriously excited I am about this. I’ve also interested 2 more people to start using this method.


I started a bullet journal this past summer. I was Turned off for a long time by all the artistic versions that seemed to me to take more time than save time but finally decided to try by following the original/basic no frills system. It worked! I had a very productive summer! I haven’t used it much since the school year started, but I do enjoy having it as an alternative to digital organization tools, and i plan to introduce it to the young woman I tutor very soon.


So, just for a note of levity (at least for me). As the system I currently use is a heavily modified Franklin covey notebook, I just got an email offering a giveaway for two tickets to “plannercon” in SF in March. I missed the deadline, but who knew there was such a thing???