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The one true pen is the Pilot Precise V5. They used to make fun of me when I worked for the government and bought my own pens, but yes, I am too fancy for the govamint bic stick. Sometimes I scare myself thinking they might stop making it, like Rowan Denim.



Fun fact about our dear Belinda: she had stacks and stacks of brand new notebooks, each of them wonderful.


I’ve given some thought to this decorating-your-Bujo business, and it’s kind of validating to see that others also feel like it’s a distraction or even a discouragement to using the system. I have no drawing skills (when I doodle, I doodle words, messily), but I think if I did have those skills, it would be nice to have a collection of my doodles in a Bujo. For me, it would add friction and subtract utility, but I get it. It’s like people who put on their eyeliner every day: I admire, I salute, I support, and I also can’t imagine doing it myself!


I love seeing your handwriting, Vicki. Remember when we used to know everyone’s handwriting?

I also love the idea of a make-it-as-you-go BuJo using folded paper. I fear I’d have pages scattered all over the place, but it opens up fun possibilities for changing out the paper sometimes, and stuff like that.

But if I could keep track of individual pieces of paper I might not need to BuJo, lol. You are at the next level already.


The folded paper BuJo is temporary – just to get my feet wet and to organize the holidays! It’s really helped and now that the main hubbububbbb is over, I’m looking forward to getting my REAL journal set up. I want to begin on January 1st… and I imagine I’ll tuck my TeBuJo into the pocket, so I’ll have notes next holiday season about this holiday season.

My handwriting looks good there, doesn’t it? Haha. Not usually the case… but I think this might help.

I’m not much into “decorating,” but I may have bought a bunch of washi tape to make tabs and I plan to make an Alabama Chanin-inspired pen holder… but that’s IT! :slight_smile:


I love that description. I totally get the notebook love. I hoard paper and notepads and notebooks. I just had no idea that there was a planner community like the knitting one!


I’m a fan of good pencils. I bought a dozen Mitsu bishi H2’s and a collection of Scriptrack oil based colored pencils so my journal will have a little color without wondering whether a pen is going to bleed through the paper. I also got some washi tape with the idea that it might help with some sort of organization and some fun.


This is what I keep trying to get across: even if I just BuJo for one day, it helps me with that day. Ideally, I’d do it 365 days a year and organize everything in my life from the ground up, but even having this very simple place to put a list FOR TODAY is useful. And if I don’t get it all done that day, it’s sitting there waiting for me to look back at it and see if I got it all done or don’t need to do it after all…

Over time it makes me feel more competent, somehow.

Can’t wait to see your AC pen holder. Did you see Cristina’s AC-style holster? It’s mid-scroll through this post from 2018:


Ok, I’m going to do this. I’m retired with a volunteer position that requires organization, and a few hobbies. The challenge is procrastination because I think I have all the time in the world. I have a journal for thoughts, a journal for knitting, a journal for sewing, and none of them are ever with me when I need them. I think this will help keep it all together - in my bag and in my head.


I’m with you on the day-to-day. I was thinking about it but have got a system with electronic notes that is now working well for me. I sat down a couple of times to think through and potentially start one but couldn’t get there. I needed something for my sewing projects so just started this idea for sewing projects only (notes on pattern changes, fabrics, etc). I am also starting another one for knitting projects, and have already started tracking weaving projects.


It’s funny - when I first came across this idea I thought “oh that’s another Franklin Planner”. I got trained on the Planner but could never really stick with it except when I worked a regular office-type job. It was harder to go back and find things. The whole index thing is a fac-slap moment - of course!


What a great way to plan projects and track!


I got my BuJo yesterday and I’m excited to try it out. The only planner I have successfully used is a little notebook I use to keep track of my knitting projects. I’m hoping the BuJo will help me to stay on track, and get less distracted by whatever has popped up during the day.


I have been doing my version of a BuJo since Kay wrote about a couple years ago. I have gotten progressively more lazy about keeping it, but now after reading this thread I am getting interested again—New Year’s resolution time! I use it more as a journal of what I have been doing than planning or keeping a task list. I do make collections lists and find it helpful to look back on what I was doing a year or two ago.


So. I made an index and a page for works in progress and a Felicity like page for practicing yoga and guitar and some self-care stuff. I like the notion of making a pattern from checking off behaviors and it feels like a kid who is getting stars for good behavior when I color in the square. I am just using a black pen - nothing too fancy.
I bought some pretty washi tape and may have uncovered a new addiction.
I do a lot of different kinds of creative stuff and I am looking forward to tracking it all in one place. On my wips page, I have them all listed and I think I will make separate pages for each - sewing, quilting, knitting, writing, painting, bookmaking and the list goes on. That is why I need a system lol.


I am in. It is beyond time for me to give this a go and wrangle all of the odd bits and pieces into one place. With a small business we run on the side (our True Love) and a busy day job plus my endless queue of knitting and sewing projects, books to read, and on and on - let’s just say things could do with some wrangling.

I like the idea of using it as a creative space, too. And a home for my beloved Totoro washi tape. Heehee.


Pinterest and YouTube are also excellent resources!!


I was so inspired by this, that I opened up one of my MANY disorganized journal-ish notebooks and started. Mid-week, mid- December just started. And I love it. As with most new ventures, I want to do ALL THE THINGS, but am restraining myself to see what is realistic for me. I have the basic elements in the video, the mini-calendars for tracking my yoga and martial arts practices, and I made this “mantra” page, which is my version of New Years resolutions.


I have been using basic elements of the BuJo system since Jan 2014 in a Hobonichi Techo (A6 size), and writing “morning pages” in a separate nitebook. Since I no longer feel the need to write three pages most mornings, I’ll be using a Hobonichi “Cousin” (A5 size - larger than the A6) in 2019. This will let me continue what works (BuJo coding, lists, etc.) and also provide room in the same notebook for a journal-type entry on the days I want to sum up or process something going on in my life. I LOVE the Tomoe River paper in the Hobonichis; it’s so fountain pen-friendly!


Has anyone been reading Kate Davies’ posts about her journaling? Also very interesting.