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OK - I’ve made a start. It was refreshing! (Swatch for added sizzle. :joy::joy:)


I’ve just purchased “The Bullet Journal” by Ryder Carrol and I can highly recommend it, especially for new Bullet Journalists such as myself. I’m thoroughly enjoying reading the book. The bonus was that I got it from Barnes & Noble online for a really great price. If you’re new to this, give this a read.


LOVE the Mantra page!


Sizzle! Great idea!


I would LOVE to go to a PlannerCon! Erin Condren (the LifePlanner people if you aren’t familiar) has one in the spring of each year. I used her planner for several years but never went.


SO. I got Ryder Carroll’s book thinking I would implement some aspects of the system into the planner I have been using for several years now (the Erin Condren Life Planner). I’ve always liked the setup of the ECLP and it is very pretty, with lots of fun sticker sets on Etsy (the EC ones are just ok) to play with.

Maybe halfway into the book though, I was like. I HAVE TO DO THE WHOLE ENCHILADA. I nipped out to the Blick near me and bought a Leuchtturm1975 straightaway.

I realized my ECLP did only so much (scheduling and tracking). Ryder’s book made me realize I could do so much more that would help me act with more intentionality and integrate many of the things I have scattered throughout my old planner and in various other places (Notes App, a notebook I keep around for brain dumps and work to-dos which are mostly the fact that I don’t file emails that have an open action for me).

The only things I want to keep in their existing apps are my exercise and food log (Noom; soon to be MyFitnessPal instead) and my sleep tracking (the Pillow app on Apple Watch and iPhone).

Without further ado, here are some pix of my initial setup. I can’t take credit for the “year in pixels” layouts; I saw them on Pinterest. I chose this format because these are things I want to see trends for, rather than note weekly or daily.

IMG_1127 IMG_1126 IMG_1125 IMG_1124 IMG_1123


Dinner sounds great! I love the year in pixels idea.


I bought a Scribbles That Matters on Amazon. Why. It has all the sections planned out so I can focus on the decorating aspect.image image image image image


I’m watching this conversation, as I purchased a 1917 from a local art supply store with the shop logo and location on it - Wet Paint, Saint Paul. I use a Red and Black grid book of the same size at work for phone call, conversations, to do, but when I put personal mind mapping craziness in it, I can never find it. A bullet journal for personal, knit design etc? I am with Ann, if it becomes a project, it will be dead to me. I may look for the how-to book in the library.


An easy way to personalize removable tabs is take a plastic Post-it (they come in colors) and add washi tape to it.


I saved this thread for January 1st reading as I knew I needed time to set up my journal-planning for the new year. Kay, you inspired me to try the BuJo method when you first posted about it, and I did it fairly diligently in 2017, less so last year, partly because I couldn’t figure out a way to integrate my old, sporadic journaling inside it. Also, as much as I love the rigid covers and format of the Moleskin/Leuchtturm books, they are just too heavy for me to add to my purse day to day. So I investigated alternatives and fell, hard, for the Japanese Traveler’s Notebook (formerly Midori). Besides being beautiful in that essential, pure Japanese way, they are lightweight, skinny things and you can easily add and remove the skinny notebooks inserted with them, which should help to keep the weight and volume to a minimum. I used my Traveler’s Notebook strictly as a travel journal/scrapbook for half of 2018, but as of today I am turning it into a full-blown, official, customized BuJo. I also just treated myself to Ryder Carroll’s book as it sounds excellent. Like a few others here, I have learned not to linger on the Instagram and Pinterest boards devoted to the subject, and I totally subscribe to the philosophy of keeping it simple and figuring out how to make it work for me.
On my good stretch with the system, I found out how comforting it was to check in with my BuJo right around bedtime. It felt very much like wiping a slate clean (this coming from a fairly disorganized, procrastinating soul). Unloading from brain to paper really helps this periodic insomniac, so here’s to better sleep without traditional chemistry in 2019!


I’ve been using a Franklin planner for years, however only at work…this has me intrigued, I like the idea of journaling incorporated into a planner. Look forward to sharing progress.


Love this article from a BuJo user who brought it back to basics after doing a lot of embellishment:


Good article! When I see Bullet Journal I see too much time spent on style and decorating! There are some great ideas, but overall it’s not for me. (I do have my own method that goes everywhere with me.)


Yes, having the slate clean at bedtime is one of the main reasons I’m starting a BuJo. Last year I did some very sporadic “brain dumps” in a notebook when I was already super overwhelmed. Though it was helpful to get stuff out of my head and migrate things to the planner I was using (or cross them out if they weren’t really action items), I didn’t like the reactivity of it and my old planner system didn’t prevent the feeling of overwhelm in the first place, even though I checked in with it every day.


I just bought this - thanks for the tip! The one flaw in the Leuchtterm1917 (IMO) is that the paper is thin and I am getting bleed-through with my pens. I don’t HATE it, but it does bug me enough to make the switch when I am done with this and my next volume (as I already have that - it’s the Leuchtterm Kate Davies had branded for her; it says “Knitting Season” on the cover!).

My fave pens are the Stabilo fine tip. They come in a gazillion colors and write sooooo smooth. I am not going to change them out for something less fancy but that doesn’t bleed.


This shows someone doing loose leaf—would clearly work with levenger notebooks as well. @cbshiffman posted this also for a different reason (in case people see this twice).


I have to say I am a bit disappointed in how thin the paper is for my favorite pens. Maybe MDK can create a version with heavier paper!


I have started mine. It is divided into three sections after the Index and a 1 page calendar for each month. The first section is for current daily plans and notes, things to do, etc. The second section is for plans of projects and such. The third is for things I want to remember long term and daily doodles and thoughts. We"ll see how it goes.


Yes, I found this when leafing thru a Levenger catalog.

Sorry, can’t hyperlink on my phone. This in junior format, along with the calendar pages could result in a loose leaf approximation of a bullet journal. But I’m sticking with my Leuchtturm while trying this out.