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Weird that you picked red but whatever.

(tee hee)

I think you will enjoy the spaciousness of the 1917.

My only lament is that I don’t spend that little extra bit of time with my BuJo to really get the most out of it. It’s useful even as I do it, but when I think of the new worlds of on-it-ness that would open up with just a little more daily time.



But letter size is the correct size for a legal pad! Lawyers understand this, I guess, because “legal” doesn’t refer to the size but the contents. Whenever I had to use a legal size pad I felt like everything was wrong and things would end badly.



The life-changing magic of NOT jumping off a cliff! We will wield our power benevolently, I promise.



Me too!! I have a Weeks as my every day carry and keep the Cousin at home as backup. Love the monthly/weekly/daily formats and an entire year (plus 3 additional months) in one book. Also have a Leuchturm for a BuJo and wondering if it makes sense.



That was one of the most useful, helpful articles- among many!- to come out of MDK! Thank you and Jillian M for that.



Really enjoying getting into the flow of actually using my journal! I had to force myself to write even the dumb, sloppy notes in it instead of using a scrap of paper but am getting more comfortable with it. I feel great joy when there is a random sort of list I need to make and then I am like “Oh! I can put that in my journal!” I did my first migration today and felt so proud to have finished and surprised at how easy it was!



I find the journal is really great for keeping track of pattern ideas or patterns in-work. I make short notes on my cell phone and then add details to them in my journal later. In the past, I would go straight from cell phone notes to Word docs to write the pattern and realize I had forgotten to put the # of CO stitches, size I was making, basic stuff!



Hi all,
I want to thank you Kay, for writing about the BuJo. I started one this January.

One of my favorite things to do is to take a page & call it “Knitting Ideas”.
I’ll list a SQ of yarn I have, then note down patterns I think I may want to make as I peruse Ravelry.
I also do the reverse – note a pattern of something I want to make, and then yarns I have that I can use for it.
Since it’s in the same place as all my other reminders, I know where it is quickly and can update when I’m wast/// spending my time on Ravelry.



I try to do that on ravelry but paper seems so much better for this task!

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I haven’t really found a good way to do it on Ravelry either. Using the queue for that is cumbersome. I do have favorites batched as short sleeve tops, cardigans, etc. I suppose one could batch pattern possibilities as “SQ Cormo Patterns” or something like that. Never considered that before!



I’ve been setting up space for each week a week ahead of time. I like the neatness of it, and I have to rewrite some tasks less often–I can see something written on Monday when I’m working away on Wednesday, for example. I put four columns over two two-page spreads. The first column of the first spread is for major activities and big to do’s for the week. The remaining seven columns work for each day of the week. Most days’ activities fit into their column, but I have borrowed from the next day in some cases. When I went to NYC with a girlfriend at the end of January, I reverted to the open day logging, which gave me the space to record all the things. I’m still playing with this, with formats and collection pages, but I have to say I am loving the Bujo. It keeps almost everything I need in one spot and has really streamlined aspects of my life. Hoping my pics don’t have anything too damning in them.



I love this format. Thanks for the inspiration.



Love your inspiration (and Marseille)!



Ha! Each time I go to New York I look for Marseilles, because I always forget its name. Maybe next time, having immortalized it in my Bujo, I’ll remember it!

Melanie Halvorson
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I’ve been BuJo’ing since last…May? Ish? The current journal I’m using was started in September.

It’s been extremely interesting, keeping a bullet journal. I kept a three-page-a-day writers pages journal regularly for years, until I had the stroke. Writing by hand now is difficult; I can, however, do it, and I’m dedicated to doing the bullet journal now.

I’m adding in my yarn, as I catalog it on Rav. I’m doing it from the back of the journal, so I have room. That way, I can think about things without my tablet or phone nearby. People, I have more yarn than sense.



I love it…“I have more yarn than sense”…me too! Great idea to start your yarn pages from the back! I’m sorry to hear about your stroke. My life turned on a dime when I had a head injury. Lots of improvising! That’s why the briefness and simplicitly of the BuJo makes it easier.

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What a great idea! I abandoned my weekly format because it was too time-consuming. I am going to try this! Thank you.



BuJo is still going strong! I don’t know how I ever managed with a standard planner. I love the flexibility and having all aspects of my life in one place (I resisted that for a long time, thinking Work and Life were Separate Things, which makes no sense to me now). My decor is getting a bit better too. Anyway, here are a few snapshots that include a glimpse of my knitting collection, my Shark Week tracker, my weekly layout and a collection for my upcoming trip to London.

I am convinced that BuJo helped me knuckle down and finish a scarf that was sucking the life out of me!

How is everyone else doing?



Very fond of my BuJo so far, especially since I started using it for some (loose) lesson-planning instead of delegating my work to a separate notebook. Go figure why this had not occurred to me before… I am sticking to a minimalist format. I also wanted to start tracking a few routines with minimal effort, so I simply added a couple of vertical columns to the right on my monthly page; M stands for Meditation, P for Pages (i.e. writing) and L for lecture (i.e. long stretches of book-reading).



When I saw your entry, I was intrigued. I looked on Amazon and saw only the blank Scribbles notebook & figured you did a great job with the pretty pages! Then, several days ago, I found the Scribble you have described in your entry. OK, I thought, when I finish with my current Leuchtturm, I’ll try this notebook.
Yesterday, I spent at least half an hour, maybe 45 minutes setting up my March page!!! It’s sad that I can’t count dots like the rest of the planet. My artistic ability is almost as good as my ability to play college-level football which is not-even-a-little-bit.
Anyway, my new Scribbles notebook should be here some time tomorrow! Thanks for your entry!!