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What Are Your Favorite Baby Patterns?


Hello, lovely crafters! I’m a first-time mama-to-be, due in October. I’d love suggestions on your favorite baby patterns, yarns, and what wardrobe elements are necessary for any wee one beloved by a knitter.

(Recipes to stock the freezer for those first few weeks are welcome, too!)


I love the baby surprise jacket and baby Einstein jacket.


I saw that Ann was knitting a pattern called “In Threes” (find it on Ravelry), a wonderful little sweater in garter and stockinet, neck down, capsleeve, cardigan. I have made 3 in the past couple weeks. Hoping the babies and toddlers like it, because I am going to keep knitting them.


Congratulations! I loved knitting when I was pregnant and in fact taught myself when we were expecting our first. I love the Puerperium Cardigan. It’s easy to customize and is so cute on. TinCan Knits have several great baby patterns. My go-to blanket for babies is Purl Soho’s Chevron Baby Blanket. The resulting blanket is not only cute but soft and thick. My three old nephew carries his everywhere. And because it’s cotton, it washes well. As for my yarn choices for baby projects… I to tend to gravitate to cotton - Blue Sky and Rowan- but did a lovely Latte Baby Coat in Malabrigo and am currently working on a cardigan for our niece in Baby Bamboo. Sublime Baby Merino is another great choice.


I am currently making my first “In Threes” baby sweater for our new granddaughter and I can see it will be a favorite. But rather than the worsted wt called for, I am using fingering wt yarn and increased garment size for a nice result.


Oh, congratulations!
My favorite styles for wee babies are surplice - just set them down on it and wriggle their arms in the sleeves and button or tie closed. There is a great pattern in the first MDK book or here
I’ve knit many many of them.


I like vests for babies. They can go under their cute outfit if they don’t match, & over if they do, but importantly, they keep those vital organs warm without being a big thing to have to wash. Plus they’re fast as lightning to knit :smile:
I like putting babies in wool for the cooler months because of its breathability & warmth
& save yourself some frustrations with your first, while you’re still learning to manipulate those tiny arms- no pullovers!


Is there a vest pattern you use most often?


Thank you for all the suggestions, and well-wishes! I wouldn’t have thought of knitting vests or surplices, and I’ve added all these patterns to my Ravelry favs.


I actually don’t have a favorite. Just whatever I can find on Ravelry. Once my new needles come in, I want to give this one on Ravelry a try Melika vest
But the most favorited looks good too Pebble


I see a few mentions for the In Threes cardi already. That is a definite fav for me as I think it grows with baby without the sleeves and looks really cute over long sleeve tops.

I knit one as a gift for a friend last summer and made a sweet Geranium Dress in a Liberty fabric to match. :slight_smile:


I’ve knit several Alpaca Baby Shawls. The pattern is straight-forward and lovely in several weights.


Check out DROPS, lots of great baby patterns of all kinds. And not just baby stuff


What a lovely blanket pattern, I’m going to bookmark this one!


I have knit the Debbie Bliss “Cabled Slipover” at least five times. It’s a well-written pattern and fun to do. I used Cashmerino yarn for all of them.


I am so glad you started this thread! I was just going to do the same thing. Our next grandbaby is soon to be announced!
I am loathe to knit with non wool fiber but what about washing? My dd is not going to hand wash - I am certain of that after seeing her shrink up some things over the years.
I have begun my first baby surprise sweater and hope to make the little chemise from the Mason Dixon book. We do not know sex of the proposed baby.


I have had great success with gifting sweaters knit out of Berroco Vintage DK to non-knitters, and no one has yet destroyed them by putting them through the wash. The yarn does need to be laid flat to dry, though. It comes in three weights (DK, Worsted and Chunky). They also have a new super wash Wool (UltraWool) that I’ve worked with and like just fine, and I understand it is bullet proof in the super wash department. Neither the Vintage or the UltraWool come across as unnatural.

And IMO green is a lovely color for ungendered baby gifts. But I like green all the time.


I do a lot of baby sweaters in Takhi cotton classic. Tons of colors and washable.


I am a big believer in superwash wall for baby things. Cascade’s superwash line has done me well many times. I generally avoid any unnatural fibers for babies because of the flammability issue.

Favorite patterns: Add my name to the Baby Surprise list along with the Puerperium Cardigan. Some other’s that I love are the Quadrature for Korrigan suite (thanks Kay) and the Four Corners Baby Blanket. I also use a pattern from an old Paton’s pamphlet that makes the best raglan baby cardigan ever (something about the way the arms are make it super easy to get it on and off the little biscuit). I’ll try to track down a source for it.


Coming in late to this discussion, but I am a huge fan of In Threes and have knitted at least 8 in the last couple of years. What I like about it is how it can be worn for such a long time as baby becomes toddler.
I recently completed my first Baby Surprise jacket and was enchanted at the origami magic of it! Trust the pattern, follow the directions and voila! Magic.
Have fun!
And congratulations and take good care of yourself. Think happy thoughts and knit lots. :two_hearts: