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What Are Your Most-knit Patterns?


I’ve been pondering what shawl to make for a dear one for Christmas this year, and suddenly remembered my favorite shawl pattern that I’ve made roughly fifteen times already. (It’s the Madeline Shawl by Courtney Kelley from Vintage Modern Knits, I’ve done it in Noro, in handspun, in rustic yarns, novelty yarns, fancy yarns - it always looks good.

It made me wonder: what patterns do you knit over and over and over again? And do you usually use the same yarn, or do you switch it up?

Other patterns I’ve knit more than five times:

  1. Irish Hiking Hat by Nicole Reeves (, in some lovely tweedy yarn I bought in Japan

  2. NL1 Double Knit Headband by Nancy Lindberg (, in various yarns

  3. Ballband Dishcloth ( and Mason-Dixon Washcloth ( in Peaches & Creme cotton

What patterns do you keep coming back to?


WOW you are a prodigious knitter!!
I just started knitting in January, after first learning in 9th grade Home Ec. 45 years ago, so I haven’t knit much more than once; lol!
I’ve knit 2 Mitered Cross squares & 2 Appleseed Coasters. Oh…and 2 sleeves & pocket linings for 1 sweater😆 does that count?!?


I’ve been knitting pretty obsessively since I learned in 2001, which helps with the output! I don’t think myself as particularly prodigious. Some knitters whip out sweaters like nobody’s business, and that impresses me. I think I knit so many gifts that sometimes it feels like I never make anything, because it never stays in my house!

I think two sleeves for a sweater definitely count. :grin:


Oh, gosh, you are far more generous than I am! When I want quick gifts for adults it is a quick cowl or fingerless mittens. For babies, either an Einstein jacket by sally Melville or a BSJ. Blankets if especially close. I try to knit for our dog walking crew every year, but those have to be quick knits. I have no idea if they ever get used as I am not home and the people change regularly so I generally make a “grab bag” of the same pattern in different yarns or colors.


I too gift all I’ve made so far:) except the first thing I knit in January. A beanie from yarn one of my daughter’s got me last Christmas! There are sooo many things I want to knit for my loved ones that I just abandon a wip & start something new :grin: For instance tonight I’m teaching myself stranded colorwork so I can knit 3 Stranded Diamond hats from MDK Field Guide 8!!! For Christmas presents :+1: wish me luck lol


You can do it!!


Hmmm. Never thought about this! I’ve knit a few 1898 hats - some as earwarmers - and a few Lacy Baktus, but mostly I repeat favorite stitch patterns rather than favorite knitting patterns :smile:


I mostly knit for charity, hospitals, shelters and nursing homes. I make a lot of donation hats all sizes that I knit from basic patterns on circular needles/double pointed needles. (Starting with K1 P1 or K3 P1 then knit to finish). And basic triangular garter stitch shawls with cozy self striping yarn. Another favorite is a garter stitch rectangular shawl with Knit 3 rows, then RS: K3 yo, P2tog, K3 rep from across WS: K3 *yo, P next stitch and next yo together, K3, rep from * across. Repeat until desired length, knit 3 rows, bind off.


I’ve made a lot of prayer shawls from various patterns, but I like this one because it is super quick Made it three times.
I’ve made at least six burp cloths that say BURP on them.
I’ve made these fingerless mitts ( for friends and keep thinking I’ll made a pair for me.
And I’ve made this hat twice in the last month!


A couple of years ago I knitted a heap of baby clothes for the Pine Ridge Reservation. Two favourite patterns were and
I knitted both of these so many times that I could knit them top down or bottom up, customising them with stranded work patterns. Great patterns


No question about it…EZ Baby surprise Jacket is my most knit pattern. I never get tired of it. And i have alot of Grandkids. This is one of my recent ones, I like to add a collar or hood. .


Ballband dishcloth way too many times, but I love it. And then there’s the Big Bad Baby Blanket from Stitch n’ Bitch. It’s a great blanket pattern and you can use so many different kinds of yarns and it always looks great.


When I first started knitting obsessively, it was a basic top down sock pattern because I foolishly offered to make bed socks for about 10 friends. It was a great way to get to know the pattern back-to-front.

More recently it’s been the leaving cowl, which I didn’t expect. They’re just so quick and easy and leafy and I keep finding people who want one.


The 1898 hat! Basic thrummed mittens, two different lace shawls (one is called Migration), Laura Nelkin’s Hot Flash and La Jefa cardigans, Wendy Johnson’s vanilla socks (all three). I have made several Rowan cardigan patterns multiple times.


I’d have to put in another vote for the 1898 hat, which is the only thing I’ve knit that seems to be contagious: #1 for a friend in NY; #2 when said friend lost hat in taxi; #3 when another friend saw me knitting #2 and said she thought her oldest son would really grok that hat; #4 for brother of recipient of #3, who passed the word via his mom that although the scarf he got was great, if it might be possible, he’d love to get a hat like his brother’s. Have just started the 4th hat. I’m curious as to who will be next in the chain.