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Na Craga… I say go for it!


The difference between this cabled sweater and a Starmore is that with multiple panels you have multiple charts to keep track of with varied numbers of rows where cable crosses occur. This makes each row much more of a challenge than the same cable repeated all over the piece.


It looks most excellent!


This morning I finished my Station Wagon Blanket. I am really happy with the way it turned out.

I was the one worried about yarn quantities. It was close (I have less than 20g left of the indigo), but definitely sufficient. The i-cord edging is applied without first knitting up a stitch in the i-cord color, so that saved some yarn.

My tip for using this I-cord application method is to pick up the blanket yarn from the back of the blanket to the front. This way that stitch is slightly twisted when it is knit to the I-cord and is much better hidden. I experimented and tried picking up from the front side and the blanket color popped through the I-cord.

I followed the pattern exactly, except I did the three needle bind off from the right side so I would have a solid plaid look.

My photo was taken in extremely bright morning light, so it is a bit over exposed.


It looks great! I’m knitting my last strip so your advice on the edging is very much appreciated.


Look forward to that moment where the weight of the part you have completed buoys you up and pushes you forward, like a wave, and you can climb up on that mythical surfboard-to-completion, drunk on having got past the tipping point, and you don’t need food or wine, you barely need air, and you sail on through to the end… Well that’s what I tell myself.


I love it! Great job.
Here is a station wagon to go with the station wagon blanket.


Just finished these fair isle mittens. I used Galway Worsted wool in red and white. I used a 4mm needle and used magic loop. Had some struggles with that but kept going.


Absolutely charming!


Hadley, the new pullover from “Fair Isle”. 2 rows in!


This looks wonderful! My twenty one year asked me to knit him a blanket and I thought this would be fun. I asked him color favorites and, yes, panicked look. I’d love to what color options other knitters used and I’d be appreciative of color suggestions. I tend to like brighter colors but since it’s for a college kid…


Three pussycat hats done and ready to mail. And now one for myself.


oh nooooooo that is so awful


oh that colour is calling to me


It all came out okay in the end!


Just finished this sweater from my handspun yarn. Pattern is improvised top-down with set in sleeves, using a cable pattern from Norah Gaughan’s new Knitted Cable Sourcebook


Oh wow. That is so very beautiful! I’ve never made a sweater with
handspun—ANYbody’s handspun, let alone mine—so I can hardly imagine how
wonderful it must feel to have created something so special. Glorious! Such
a perfect fit! Congratulations.


Why don’t they make classy cars like that anymore???


The sweater is beautiful and gorgeous - I can’t imagine making that much handspun! I can’t believe you made up the pattern, it’s truly gorgeous - second only to you!


Very nice plus the tips will help me when I get to mine.