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I love those socks! They look like my dad, grandpa, and husband’s hunting socks. What a great idea, do you mind if I steal it?


I will be putting the pattern on Ravelry. It will be $3.00 so i guess I would mind if you stole it but if you are able to do your own pattern from the picture, so be it.


Wonderful! I can only fantasize about spinning enough for a sweater! (especially since I’m not exactly petite LOL) And then to design it yourself! You’re my fiber hero.


Wow, that is stunning, and the fit is perfect! Handspun = icing on cake.


Oh! Sorry, I guess I didn’t realize you were writing up a pattern, just figured you’d used a basic sock pattern doctored up. I look forward to seeing your pattern on Ravelry. Be sure to tell us the name so we can find it.


Na Craga looks amazing. Go for it. you are inspiring!



Goodness me, is that another Honey Cowl? In Camellia Fiber Co.? Why yes!

@Robyn @Kay I blame y’all.


Hahaha. Mine just came off the needles. Hmm. Maybe time to make another? Those things are like crack. Just can’t say no to one more row.


I finished this hat. I am pretty sure it’s Wool-Ease. The pattern was the Montgolfier hat in the Interweave Holiday Knits magazine. I like it. :slight_smile:


This is the Chocolate Chip Cowl, from Knitscene Winter 2016. I just love it! It was a quick, fun knit, and as everyone knows, houndstooth rules.

My only critical thought about the pattern is that I might go down a needle size for the furry portion. I found myself making larger stitches in order to pull through the feathery bits. Careful blocking was necessary to stretch the houndstooth a bit to match the size of the furry. But in the end the two sides match and drape beautifully.


The blanket is beautiful. Congratulations on completing it to this point. It looks like 42 Mark Rothko paintings.


Did your puppy march?


Aww, Thanks for asking. Riley stayed home to keep watch over the other animals. He would have been a good marcher though since he is a strong supporter or women’s rights, and he is really concerned about climate change and immigration. He also prefers biscuits to bullies.


I finished a few projects. First, a cowl that I test knit. The original was done in three different sock yarns (all speckled). I used these 7 mini skeins:

Here are two views of the finished project. I am very happy and the designer is as well.

My happiest FO is a scarf that I started in November 2011. It is a simple scarf, the ball band pattern from Kid Silk Haze Stripe. It is hard for me to believe it took so long – dumb enough to be tv knitting, but the KDS is hard to knit without looking. It is a bit over 6 feet long.

Now I’m focusing on a test knit sweater. It’s top down and I just split the body from the sleeves, and the most complex work is done.

Of course, this means I’m itching to cast on something new before I meet my commitment.


I am working on Vendange, by Anne Hanson of I am making the shorter version although my intention was to do the longer version.
I made the sleeves first, as swatches and I am about half way up the body. It has a wonderful high collar which is a feat unto itself. I began this two years ago so you know I am digging deep into my wip pile. I have also revived a blanket in progress BIP?-also an Anne Hanson pattern called Hourglass that was featured in a Brooklyn tweed collection. Years ago. I gave up because of the size of it but I am committed to doing a little bit here and there. As long as I don’t put it away in a deep dark place, it will progress.
I am leaning toward a Nora Gaughan creation for my next adventure. I guess it is the year of the cable. In between all this cabling I made a couple of hats for the women’s march and an Origami hat for me. I have been on and off massive amounts of drugs for bronchitis and sinus issues so I am pretty much confined to the couch but I do not always feel up to it. But I digress…


I’m finishing! So exciting. I’m referring to the finishing chapter in the original Stitch ‘n’ Bitch book as well as the seaming chapter in Finishing School by Deborah Newton.


I am about a third of the way through a test knit. It is out of some deep stash (Rowan Soft Luxe) and will be a party sweater for me. Here’s what the back looked like yesterday morning:

I felt a need for a quick fix of “progress”, so I knit this necklace (took me less than three hours of effort from pulling out the kit to having the finished item blocking).

The test knit is no good for tv knitting, so I cast on the first of my 2017 Xmas gifts, a pair of men’s socks. Here’s the progress made while watching the PBS documentary about Rachel Carson:

I think men’s socks will be my tv knitting for a few months…


Awesome! Love the cables. Congrats!


I always have a pair of socks going. I have a few in various places lately.