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What I'm Making


…and DONE! First sweater, first garment, first cabled project. Thanks again for all the tips and support!


Wow! That is a totally beautiful sweater, and the fit looks perfect! Pretty fabulous for a “first”…or even a fiftieth!


Very Nice jessemyjungman! And the long-term project in your arms is cute too!


I’m making the Eco+ Quilt and Cable Blanket designed by Cambria Washington.
It’s super easy and fun to knit and I love how it’s coming out!


Rather than banging out a Hadley (which strikes me as too warm a sweater for me and my clime), I got sucked into a different KAL – but will still blame MDK Ann who turned me on to designer Ambah O’Brien. This is a doled-out mystery shawl so I’d best not post my progress, but here are the three fingering weights I pulled from stash before casting on Thursday.


My daughter works with disabled kids and horses, and one of her coaches just opened a new charity to do this work and named it “Equifabula”. I was wanting to make her something to show my appreciation for all her hard work, so I did a version of the Purl Soho Reversible Cowl, and charted out the charity name in a fun-looking font on knit-stitch graph paper. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but she’ll be wearing it around horses, so I hope they don’t complain. :slight_smile:
Dove into the stash for the sock-yarn to knit this up, so this is a stashbuster, too.


Thanks for the inspiration. I want to knit a blanket for my daughter’s wedding, and I think I will knit this too.



I am knitting Tulip Mittens in a traditional Norwegian style. The first time for me. I am using a pattern designed by Barb Brown. `


Those are gorgeous cables. Wish I could run my hand over them!


@riker.lynn Ha! She is a big, tall handful of toddler! I started knitting largely because it works so well with being stay at home. :slight_smile:


I’m working on Purl Soho’s Hudson Bay Blanket in yet more of my Peaches and Creme stash.

Last night I put it down on the floor to measure and of course, instantly, the cats came by to help me.


I just finished this hat for The World’s Adorablest One-Year-Old, who reminds me of the child in this wonderful, classic kids’ book. The pattern is Child’s Striped Stocking Hat from Spotted Bear Knits.


Love the look of the corrugated ribbing. Very cute hat!


I finally finished my Icelandic lace pullover:

I call it The Seussian Sweater.


Here’s what I’m working on now:

I finished the slippers (bottom left) last night, and I’m on the last border stripe of Dendros (top right).


Oh, I love that!!!:heart_eyes:


hi! just finished my granddaughter’s 5th birthday present: a cabled Avalon cardigan…actually I made a swing coat out of the most luxurious alpaca, but she grew!!! going to have to give the swing coat to my younger granddaughter…whew…
working on a sweater for my grown son…it’s actually a sweet story. every birthday and Christmas I make sweaters for the grands. each time he sees them he’ll say, ‘how about a sweater for me? I like cabled, shawl collar, cardigans!’ I explain the the cost of the yarn makes a large sweater for him undoable…then in the late fall, he excitedly called saying that they were at a country fair and there was alpaca yarn for sale…we discussed the weight (worsted) and the yardage (I estimated 1500 yards)…and he bought 12 skeins of callowhill farm alpaca!!! I have finally found the time between birthday knitting, and have started a cabled shawl collar sweater (Donegal sweater by m engel) for him…loving it…the yarn is to die for and knitting for someone I love is a ‘dream come true’. of course I will run out of yarn and endure the drama of trying to get more (like the same dye lot will be available? Not!)…but it certainly is a labor of love!


Just finished Madame Secretary, except for the two seams. I’m blocking All That Brioches and have an Aestlight to block. Trying to settle on my next project. Sweater, socks or another shawl?


Just finished this pair of flip-top mittens that were supposed to go with the Bumblebee Laurus hat. The yellow hand was supposed to have a black top and the black hand a yellow top but there wasn’t enough black so I thumbed in turquoise and added a dark red stripe to the flip-tops–and still ran out of black a few rounds from the top so I used dark gray. I think the hat looks like a grown up hat and the mittens look like kids’ mittens. I wanted to make a set for once. This is not a set; it’ll get worn but it’s not a set.