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What I'm Making


Here is the Artwalk Cardigan, in an unraveled sweater’s-worth of Plucky Knitters’ Scholar, in Wintry Mix. As you can see, there was juuuust enough yarn, even given the petite-ing I did to make the sweater suit my proportions (mostly shortening body and sleeves). The shawl collar’s ribbing is not quite as deep as it should be, but it’s as deep as the yarn would allow, and I’m fine with the way it looks.

Now I just need to weave in the blessedly few ends and tidy up the armpits, and I’m done.


I’m working on a simple pair of socks (self-striping West Yorkshire Spinners and leftover brown sock yarn from stash) that got hung up for a while when I discovered that knitting with very dark yarn has moved into the category of Things I Used To Be Able To Do. If I can make it through a second heel flap picking up the gusset stitches by poking blindly and hoping very hard, it will be time to go through my stash and sort ruthlessly.
(“I wonder where Ruth is?”)


A friend asked me if I’d make her a DNA hat for the upcoming March for Science in San Francisco on April 22. Yay, I get to use up yarn that didn’t work in my recent Hadley color-choice experiments.

You can find the pattern (and many more science-y patterns like it here)


Thanks for the link - those are amazing!


I am back to making a hat. I was attempting to do a cast on fro a sweater from the cocoknits book but my choice of yarn was not pleasing to me so I began another. One good thing is I can call it a swatch. Then I got interupted by a request for a pussy hat. and I cannot refuse that call.


Finished the Denim Hankie Washcloth. I think I screwed up the edging but didn’t realize it until I’d rounded the third corner. Decided I could live with my “design element” and kept on going. It’s a bit bigger than I anticipated but it’ll do nicely for a washcloth in the shower.

Then I fell prey to the lure of Helical stripes so I have a three-yarn sock on the needles…

and last night the siren call of intarsia enticed me to cast on a Brambling Shawl in some Hempathy from the stash.

It’s not fuzzy but I think I’m going to like it.


Man, you were really playing yarn chicken with that one. You are one lucky knitter. Love the sweater pattern and the color.


I don’t like matching socks either.


That pile of squares turns into slippers? What’s the pattern? If you don’t mind sharing…


Yep. The pattern is 8-square socks; it is available here: It is in Finnish, but the main thing you need is the diagram that indicates where the seams are located. I ended up needing to do a small scale paper mock-up to understand the structure. There are lots of useful project notes in Ravelry.


I love this hat. Love cables:)


I have designed a new mitt to help celebrate Canada’s 150 birthday. The pattern will be available through Knitting Three Together, in Huntsville Ontario as a part of a kit.


I have a heel! It’s a short row heel using yarn #2. (the cuff is yarn #1 and the toe will be yarn #3) The leg got a little longer than I intended but since this is kind of a made-up sock it’s no big deal. I’m enjoying the stripes.


I needed a project I could finish quickly because I am getting impatient with other things.

. So I knit this guy.

He’s from a pattern by Anna Hrachovek over at He will probably need some more crew members soon.


How big is he? He looks TINY.


He’s pretty tiny. I put him in an easter basket, so I don’t have him anymore. But he is slightly smaller than this gnome (really the only difference is the hat). I included a quarter for scale.


I love him! You even gave him a peg leg. Too cool.


I jumped on the Heart on my Sleeve bandwagon:


Inspired by Ann, I cast on Crete in some brigantia from stash. Two colors.


Love your shawlette! Tried to find it on Rav using “zephyr shawlette” do you have any hints for me?