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Here you go!

Zephyr Shawlette on Ravelry


I may have learned from Grumperina too, but now there are YouTube videos which, I think make it easier to learn. Just search for cabling without a needle.


Thank you! I didn’t recognize it! Yours is so spectacular!


Again, thank you so much! Your looks so much nicer that the designer’s I didn’t even recognize it!

Happy knitting!


OK, that’s funny, because I’m the designer! Color can make something look so different. The red one is definitely my favorite, too. I’m wearing it a little more scrunched than Ella (friend’s daughter) is; she’s wearing it so the pattern shows up.

Now I just have to finish knitting my red replacement; I gave the original one to my sister for her birthday because she asked for one, and I have nothing else to wear with my red boots. But I’m currently obsessed with the new shawl that is on my needles, so I have to finish that one first…

Thanks for liking my Zephyr!


Oops! Well now I have egg on my face! I purposefully didn’t say it publicly. Well, for dummies like me with no imagination, perhaps one of the photos you put in MDK you could put on the pattern page. I’d like to think there are others as obtuse as I, but when it comes t creativity I’m not sure I can assert that.

Thanks for such a great pattern!



Now we’re thinking on the same page. This morning I put the collage picture with the red version on the pattern page, and now you’ve said it too. Yay!


In addition to the Colorwash K-A-L I’m also working on an In Threes Cardigan for my cousin’s granddaughter (aka my Birthday Buddy as she was born on my birthday). Kay/Ann you guys are such a bad influence on me but I’m having such fun. Also working a Metronome shawl out of stash yarn but no photos of that yet.


It works both ways, you know–I’m knitting my fingers to the bone these
days because everybody in here is knitting so much. Highly contagious!


That is beautiful. I have that book and love to look through it but there are some patterns that I have no desire to try. Although I marvel at you gals that can accomplish them! Congrats!


What pattern is this?


Perfect match! Love these!


I am so enjoying AYoT, with Brambling Shawl nearly finished, I have cast on Puddle Jumper poncho for my granddaughter and Obsidian vest for me. I have never had three things on needles before and after reading other threads I have diagnosed that I have startitis, probably incurable.


Uppsala Slippers; they are on Ravelry. They are fun to knit.


Thank you very much it’s certainly going on my agenda!


You’re welcome; I am hondrogen on Ravelry.


I am Kimmib58 on Rav.


As to the MKAL you ended up not liking, I’d frog it all and start something you do like! Did that with a shawl I started in the winter. I actually like the finished shawl but I’d made several mistakes at the beginnning and thought I would run out of yarn…


I agree. I started one MKAL that was not at all what was described, so stopped and noe trying to figure out what to do with the yarn. I think it may be a Gilmore Girls scarf I saw on mdk.


Almost done with my Red Zephyr, finally. It’s my mindless take everywhere knitting. And currently designing a crescent shawl with this yarn:

600 yards of superwash merino fingering (Renai) from Fierce Fibers. So pretty. Color is Saigon Cinnamon gradient.

And just finished/published Linden Leaf scarf, knit with MDK Euroflax Sport minis in Earth colorway. Love that linen!

My needles have been very busy!