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Sorry, I didn’t see your question earlier. Yes I knit the doll she is Theodora pattern from Helen Magnusson.


. This is the first Theodora I knit and gave to my Niece after she spent time in Iceland. Helen Magnusson is the Icelandic Knitter.


It’s been in my favorites forever, but I was inspired by March Madness to cast on:


Love the dark forest green with the chartreuse edge with this design!


Passerine! Way to go–you beat me to it!!!


Love this pattern.
Nice job!


I saw this in March Madness and made it a fave. Looking forward to making it for a bird-loving relative for Christmas.


The situation: In the last months, I have been steadily working on handknits for 8 (8!) graduating college students. It’s like Christmas over here. But here it is, three days to graduation, and I have 7 things completed, and 1 at roughly 10% done.

Also, the student whose gift is not done is … well, we’re not supposed to have faves, but there it is, she’s mine. I mean, she is AWESOME. And so I picked an especially lovely thing to make for her, and it will not take less than three days to complete. I can’t give her something less awesome than she is. I just cannot. BUT IT WON’T BE DONE.

How do I deal with this, friends? HALLLLPPPP.


What a generous way to show your love and respect!
I would send a note with your progress report, letting her know how important giving this gift is…
She, as an AWESOME person, will be thrilled.


I have heard of folks giving the almost-done present with a promise to
finish! I think your student will understand, and at least you can PROVE
that you were the one who made it! ; )

How wonderful to make so many gifts for graduates. xooxo


If it were me, I’d take an enticing and elegant close-up photograph of a detail of the piece, and use it as a card in which I would mention that the gift doesn’t yet contain QUITE all the love I intend to weave into its stitches, but it soon will.
By the way, what a champ you are to do all that knitting - eight graduates - wow!


I’ve given photos with a copy f the pattern photo too.


Sorry knitters the photo is so blurry. My In Threes all knitted and ends worked in. Needs to be blocked now and buttons.


Pretty! Did you just reverse the buttonhole directions for a girls version?


Yes, I did as it is for my cousin’s granddaughter who is old enough to
dress herself.


Thanks. I have this teed up for an upcoming baby girl. I usually make larger sizes so they last a bit longer.


Could be anything at this stage of the game! My mother (and I swear this was her idea–not mine!), my niece Molly and I drove the 2 hours and 20 minutes to Webs to go the tent sale on Sunday. I had a budget number in mind that was reasonable. I had a shopping big that wouldn’t hold too much yarn. I had a woman of a certain age and a 20 year old who went to town with themselves. A full shopping cart later (which took less than an hour) the woman who was checking us out asked if she could sort the yarn into three separate piles so we could each our own bags. Granny and Molly just looked at her like she was crazy and said “we don’t knit, she does”. There’s so much in and around this picture that you can’t see. It was epic. Later that night, I realized that wrath was pretty much the only one of the deadly sins that we skipped.


I have just finished the Reyna Shawl which was available from Ravelry. I used Tosca Light yarn by Lang.


I have been knitting two major projects at the same time. This is my Cables Poncho knit with Cascade Hampton, which is a Linen, Pima Cotton blend.


I love it! Those soft colors!!