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I will have to put this sale on my list for next year (maybe)


I just finished the trusty One Piece Baby Kimono from Mason Dixon Knitting. I didn’t use cotton yarn though. I used Baby Bee and the color is called sprinkles. Now I just need to decide what color ribbons to get to finish it off.


I love how the color works on this! Way to go!


I love this. No slipping off the shoulders!


I just cast on with this Knit Picks Stroll Gradient cake in Ice Sculpture. I’m using it in a KAL for my new shawl design, Go Tell the Bees.

This is the third shawl; here are the other two.

645 yard Renai gradient cake from Fierce Fibers; color is Saigon Cinnamon.

430 yard gradient cake, also Fierce Fibers Renai in Plum.

I’m curious if the cinnamon one looks smoother in color transition because I started with the darker color on the bottom, or because 600 yards gives it more time to shade gently? I’m starting the new one with the deepest blue at the bottom, so maybe that will give me the answer!


C I’ve been loving all the colorwash scarves. Loving them so much that seeing them got me to finally knit with a wild yarn I bought years ago but could never decide on a pattern because it’s so pretty. Nothing seemed nice enough. (Til Colorwash.) So I finally decided it was time to ___knit that yarn! __ It’s sea silk in the melon colorway. My skein is very pale and muted compared to others I’ve seen online. Usually I gravitate toward saturated jewel tones, but something about that skein…

Since I only had one skein I mixed and matched a stitch pattern and shaping, I believe the latter was similar to Colorwash. During the knitting I played with needle sizes, & shaping tweaks, but without any tiinking, I just kept knitting apace. It was the most fun I’ve had in ages! Definitiely the most fun knitting I’ve ever done. And it reminded me that I played around much more when I first started knitting & hadnt gotten intimidated yet. But I’m going to try to do more playing & less worrying, cuz knitting is s’pose to be fun! (The women who wrote that are SO SMART!)

I ended up frogging it because my shaping experimenting didn’t result in one I liked. But although I frogged it, it was one of the best & most fun knits I’ve ever done. I even bound off. It was truly “done”!" That in itself is huge for me & showed me what happens when fun takes priority.

So thank you to everyone for inspiring me to use that “precious” skein & for reminding me how much fun knitting on the fly can be.

Here are some photos of this pretty yarn - IRL it’s more subtle & muted & prettier. :wink:

I’ll promise to try learn how to crop and save that version next time. (I crpped 3x but couldnt grt it to stick! :thinking: Advice gladly accepted - i used an iphone.)

Now to find a pattern or mash-up a few…


Love that yarn! Enjoy it.


That is a well-described knitting adventure! I think sometimes just the physical act of knitting and the emotional act of admiring and the marveling as you go along is the very best knitting experience, whether or not a finished object appears :slight_smile:


This makes me want an Artwalk Cardigan soooo badly! Wonderful work!


Finished a cotton sweater in time for summer use! Anemone by Marie Wallin in Rowan cotton glace (body) and Summerlite cotton (arms). Bust darts! Crocheted lace! Raglan sleeves! This sweater taught me a LOT. Now, I need to think about a Rhinebeck sweater. Also considering a quick Over the Top linen tunic by Purl Soho in navy.


Wowza, that is a lovely sweater! And if you knit a coordinating hap, you’d be all set for Rhinebeck…whether late summer heat or raw wet autumn or anything in between. On the other hand, I’d love to see your next sweater, so maybe forget what I just said.


First off - lovely color(s). Second - check out Be Simple (a scarf/shawlette/whatever) pattern I found on Ravelry. It is very similar in shape to Colorwash but it is in garter stitch and you can bind it off whenever you decide to (or need to because of your yarn yardage). And it was free. You select yarn, select a needle size and have fun.


Thanks q.piper! I used to wonder why knitters smiled so big when they wore their sweaters. I get it now. Total bliss having finished something. I am thinking HARD about another Marie Wallin sweater from North Sea. Are you a Rhinebeckian?


Thanks! I have it in my queue, but for unknown reasons hadn’t considered it for this yarn. It sounds perfect!


That’s so beautiful! The sleeves seem to be saying something, like some
kind of ancient language. Or maybe I’m just overcaffeinated–but really,
this is wonderful to see!


I’ve been but not recently. The last time I went to Rhinebeck was the day I discovered cashmere goats. The following Spring I bought a couple, now I have a herd, and it’s really hard to go away anywhere! :wink:


Runes! They say, “You will develop mild tenosynovitis, but it will be worth it.” :slight_smile:


That is so pretty. love the soft colors.
(from someone who wears mostly black and gray)


Im making Mae

For my cousin’s coming baby. Using takhi cotton classic for wash ability.


It is truly beautiful.