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What I'm Making


Wow.that is really nice. Love the crocheted lace insets.


That is an excellent story. I wish I could pet them!


Thank you very much.


Come during harvesting season. You can spend hours combing and combing and combing. Full disclosure: not as meditative as it sounds.


Ha! That’s what podcasts are for? :slight_smile:


Yes! You described it perfectly!


There was so much “Grellow, grellow, grellow” talk earlier in the year, that I finally had to experience the color myself. A modest work bonus (tiny, but I’ll take it) had me off to my LYS to find some fun yarn. Shibui Lunar in Apple and Graphite scratched the itch just right. And an Amecameca cowl is on the needles. It was my (tiny) travel knitting project on a whirlwind trip to Iceland and Ireland this month (almost more time on the planes than on the ground, but fun nonetheless) where everything had to fit in a tiny carry-on bag. I was so proud of myself when I’d finally knit the first pattern repeat, but then I realized that was two inches of 45 inches that needed to be knit, and now it’s looking like the cowl that never ends… but wowza, the Lunar has great yardage. I really feel like I’m getting my money’s worth.


I had grellow striped pants in college with a grey knit top (I didn’t knit it). That was a LONG time ago. Who knew I was so fashion forward.


A Right Angle Shawl. No pattern yet (it’s still just a bunch of scribbled notes written as I knitted it and found out what worked or didn’t work). But I think it may be time to start writing a pattern. I saw a picture of one shaped like this but those directions drove me crazy before I got clear thru reading them so I set out to get the same shape my way. I think I need to make another one. Startitis anyone?


Startitis is my favorite -itis! Is the center line using . . . intarsia???
Very cool.


I turned the corner with short rows. The colors in the yarn did that. Came out just wonderful, didn’t it?


I would like to see this shawl on, when you get it finished. It is very pretty and looks like fun to knit.


I am stranded somewhere in the dark desert that is miles and miles of feather and fan. I’m making a Lullaby baby blanket. I’ve made it before and it’s a great pattern and a really unique baby gift. But boy howdy, the feather and fan seems like it will never end. The yarn is a superwash Rowan treat that I got at the Webs sale in a beautiful raspberry color but even that isn’t helping.


Finished the Norwegian Guernsey Sweater for my youngest son. Knitted w one of the Brooklyn Tweed CC I used in the Fair Isle Hadley KAL
Learned steeked armholes.
Waiting for the Celtic Dragon button my son selected to arrive.
New photo by Kerrie Brown


Wow, what a fabulous job! And I love the story about basketball camp and the “18 hours” - LOL!


What a great story and what a wonderful son you are raising! That must be so satisfying and he is as cute as the dickens!


This is what I’ve been working on: a finished baby sweater (grandma or great-grandma are to sew on buttons!), 2 dishcloths, and in the corner a shawl that’s still on needles but there is a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak.


I have a rare case of finish-it-up-itis, with mostly* monogamous features. :grin: So the only thing I am working on actively the Sail Shawl. It’s the perfect combination of easy and gorgeous.

After she’s done, I have many candidates to pick up, lol.

*I’m not counting socks; I have several WIPs and pretty much always have one handy to knit on the go.


Yes! I unearthed a heretofore undiscovered cache of WIPs, many of which are
not far from the finish line. Fall Finishing! Let’s do this.


Starting Point by Joji is finally done.