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I’m stuck on sleeve island with a sweater that I set aside late last spring, figuring, what is the use of knitting a long-sleeve sweater in May, I’ll whip out the sleeves in September. That did not happen. I still only have one half of one sleeve done, the child it’s meant for is asking after it daily, and has grown at least 2" over the summer, so I have not only the other sleeve and half to do, but I need to rip out the hem and knit another 2-3" of length. No big deal, it’s top-down. But then I also have the three lovelies beside it taunting me, don’t you want to knit a cable or two? Maybe dig out the spindle? Or, wait, do you not really want to browse online for the perfect loom??

Perhaps I will prop a picture of the child on top of the books to guilt me into focusing.



Always have a tunic on the needles–I’m violating this rule right now, must rectify. So glad you got a mitten kit! Next time we’ll make Mary Neal mule more of them.

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That’s such a cute sweater. Maybe we need to start a topic called FOCUSS. Putting the cuss in Focus. Deep breathing exercises, lashing ourselves to the mast until we’re finished–good solid techniques.



That’s a horrifying photo!



I don’t have pics but I have a few pairs of socks (yes I know I have a problem) and I’m making some baby stuff for a good family friend who is having his first this winter! I usually have many projects going all at the same time… I think I probably should seek some help for this, lol



Yes! I would spend all my time there . . .



I’m working on secret xmas presents for my mother and sister - boot socks with contrast cuff/heel/toe

This is the first one of the first pair - Plymouth worsted merino superwash with fish lips kiss heel and toe



I am knitting Joji Locatelli’s “Granito” pullover, using Wollmeise Blend in the Pistazie colorway. It’s a fun construction – you start at the shoulders and work short rows to make the slop of the shoulder line, work the front and back separately down from the shoulder, then join once the armholes are done.



Christmas knitting: I’m currently working on Carolyn Glauz-Todrank’s Be Simple for my boss.

And am flirting with various mitten and cowl ideas for other folks.



Does it help any to know that I have serious project envy of that sweater? It is beautiful! I hope you are able to relish a little smugitude about how nice it looks, despite having some boring bits to finish.



I’ve just completed Uncia by Lucy Hague, from “The Book of Haps”. If you like your knitting to be immersive, then this is for you. It’s a challenge to knit, but produces this spectacular object. It’s meant to look like one-twelfth of a circle, and also like fan vaulting - and it is a kind of wrap.



I just finished the Monteagle bag – currently full of apples to stretch it out. And apparently I’m starting a dog sweater next? My daughter insisted we have the dog “help” us pick the yarn this morning, and I just printed a pattern, so… away we go??



I’m making Tin Can Knits’ Fly Away for a pregnant friend. I’m using Berroco Indigo (thanks to Kay for posting about this yarn on the blog–I had no idea such a gorgeous 100% recycled yarn existed!!!). The squares turned out a little smaller than I envisioned, so the blanket is going to be like… 30 inches X 30 inches. Is this too small for a baby blanket? I guess it can be like a stroller lap warmer? I am considering adding another row of 4 squares, but I think it will throw off the colors and the vibe.

I am attaching a photo–I just took pics last night to figure out color combos and “V” placements, I might still change my mind.



It looks really good so far and I get what you mean about adding additional squares messing up the layout. What about adding a thick border (2-3 in) in a coordinating color? You’d get some extra length and width out of it without looking odd.



I’m working on my first ever top down sweater called Harvester for our niece who will be 6 later this month. I’m really enjoying this pattern and had this great variegated yarn in my stash.




That stitch is helping me let go of my aversion to purling!



Wow, a knit worthy boss. Congrats!

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Turning for home on a log cabin that I’ve lived in on and off for 7 years.



That Pistazie colorway is everything! :four_leaf_clover: :palm_tree::cactus:

I got a supply of Jill Draper’s Esopus for Granito. Wonder when I’ll get it cast on.



No kidding! I’m only one skein in but could prolly purse-stitch in my sleep by now!