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What I'm Making


That is lovely!
I’ve just finished a pair of socks that have been waiting for their final toes (took a couple of tries) since MAY. Planning to cast on another pair tomorrow and get them done in a rational timeframe :wink:


Thank you. I like be the socks too. I just don’t love making them!


Wow, that is stunning!


Thank you. A whole lot of knitting, but I am happy with the result.


Purl Soho’s Colorful Wedges baby blanket, using Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK. It is knitting up beautifully for my little niece or nephew coming in the spring. It’s all short rows, no intarsia!


Funny how I find short-rows so much more challenging than intarsia. This is lovely.


Really! Well, then we should have a two person workshop, because I’ve been assiduously avoiding intarsia because it sounds so complicated. Thank you :grin:


I could get on board with that! For completely tangential reasons I found myself in the position of contemplating packing up my beloved Princess Room and relocating it to Tennessee. In the process I also found several WIPs and more than one, well, not sure what you would call them - instead of a typical gauge swatch, if possible, I just knit a sleeve of a garment so that I don’t swim to Second Sleeve Island at the end. It works for me. Anyway, I found about seven sleeves and three where I had at least one front to go with! I should probably finish the rest of the poor garments, huh?

But maybe I better let the 1987 Adrienne Vittadini Argyle that makes me look like a linebacker with anorexic hips go back to the future!!! (Did I really want to wear that?!?!)


I’m in for that! Maybe a web meeting is in order!


This project represents many firsts for me: first knitted blanket, first knitted baby gift, first multicolored project. I highly recommend it!


@Ann1 , I also have a finishing streak going. Behold, Kittiwake by Alice Starmore! On Homer.


Homer wears it well! What a beautiful piece of knitting.

I am teeing up all my UFOs in anticipation of a Finish Off. I am alarmed at
how many UFOs I seem to keep finding.

Cheers to you!


I am excited to see photos of FO modeled Rowan style in a hoarfrost covered field. With crinoline.

Wait, you’ve done that one :wink:


Me too - I don’t think I can count that high so I stopped counting. Doesn’t stop me from that old Startitis thing though.


I am still working on mine, as I did not do the two pieces simultaneously. Almost done with second big piece, then to join… love yours!


I’m making a kanban board to wrangle all of my wips and to-do’s. Well, I have the stack of post its.


Thank you, I did mine the same way as you. I love the end result, can’t wait to see yours.


Very nice Thinking Cap for Homer.


This past weekend was my Weekend of Finishing. (Probably because I have guests arriving tonight, and I was in panic mode because the house is a mess, so of course, finishing knitting projects must happen). Three WIPs came off the needles, into the bath, and onto the Blocking Station (aka, the Guest Bed).

  1. Test knit shawl pattern for Life is Cozy. Great raw silk from an indie dyer in AZ.

  2. Mystery KAL shawl (Sand Ripples) that should have been done last month, but it had (insert whining voice) so many ends…

  3. Another Mystery KAL (no, I don’t have a KAL problem… why do you ask?). This time a cowl. Much fun, this Tilted Cowl construction.


These are all so beautiful! The test knit shawl is so unusual.

It’s so fun to finish things! Wear them all!