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What I'm Making


My fingers are itching to touch that fabric. …


Studded leather cowboy boots go with EVERYTHING. And so does wool!


It is super soft and lofty. Even softer than it looks. I guess I should sew in the ends someday soon!


Done! This is the Cannon Beach Cowl.

That Woolfolk Får is my favorite for this project; the chainette construction of the yarn makes it really lofty, lightweight and warm. Second favorite is the Malabrigo Merino Worsted (single ply, the purples).

And I made matching mitts, too!


These are so adorable! Are these your own patterns, then? I’m envious!


My niece brought me some Peer Gynt yarn when she visited her boyfriend’s family in Norway. I knitted my oldest son a Marius sweater.


Made this Guernsey for my middle son-- he selected his own buttons.
Pattern was in the book: Norwegian Finishing Techniques
Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Birdbook Green


Very cute - the boy and the sweater!


I went a bit bonkers after giftmas knitting and now have 4 new projects in rotation.

No. 1 is Nukumori (from latest Knitty):

This had to be substantially ripped back, because of gauge issues – does anyone have any hints on figuring out reliable gauge on “lightly stretched” ribbing?

No. 2 &.3 are sweaters for me and the spouse (Carbeth & Missing Lopi):

Color is way off in this pic – imagine gray and tan.

No. 4 are Mīlēt mittens:


First mittens. They were my New Year’s Day’s cast on.
My husband ordered me some Finullgarn for Christmas. He meant to order four skeins but ordered nine instead!


I just finished Section 2 of Speckle & Pop. It is my first Stephen West and won’t be my last. In fact I am fairly certain I will cast on another Speckle & Pop when I finish this one!

It’s a fun knit. He’s a genius.

Here’s my Ravelry project page. Eye candy below!


I’ve just finished my Swirl hat (from the Sequences field guide)- this was the third iteration (issues with gauge, sizing - the usual things…:rage:).

The yarn is Outlaw Bohemia Sport, a local brew which is nice and lofty as it is a mix of Polwarth, alpaca and brush-tailed possum.

Added a fake fur pompom as a finishing touch. Warm and cozy, looking forward to wearing it this coming winter!


Still working on Ninilchik. On the stockinette slog at the bottom. Love the yarn!


Wolf River Sweater:


I have just designed and knit this new shawl using worsted weight Elysian from Cascade and a beautiful hand dyed yarn from Essence of Autumn.


How lovely! These are some of my favorite colors…


Thank you very much. It is also some of my favourite colours.


I an working on a pattern for Dk weight children’socks


What I’m making now is the Gingnam Cowl from Marlisle, by Anna Maltz, with Haymarket and Milo - all from our lovely MDK shop. This technique is so much fun, I hope to be finished with it tomorrow.


That is SO CUTE! Love the grellow. I am going to have to check out this book; the projects look so fun to knit.