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That is the most dramatic stash-related story I have ever read, and I am old enough to remember when “stash” had a very different meaning that often generated drama! So glad you got it all sorted and are back on track :slight_smile:


Love the colors and the gauge you used on the cowl. Also a nut for cool glasses, and you have those!


As I suspected, the little red hat went rogue on me again. It was lost, then found, then left at my sister’s, then returned, then dropped in the snow, then lost again. Finally found it again this morning. I’m considering putting it a big envelope and pinning it to myself.


I wasnt impressed by this when I saw it on Rav, but I LOVE yours!! It’s beautiful!

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Re the MKAL. I did one years ago with a designer I love. And finished the MKAL, even buying the suggested yarn, which I normally don’t do, and it was a bummer! My solution, I now wait to see what the mystery turns out to be. Because I now have a intricate-looking beaded lace “shawl” that would be perfect as a King’s cape for a 3 year-old! I plan on frogging to reclaim the pricey yarn, yet for some reason can’t seem to destroy it. Normally the frog pond is my home.

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Thank you so much. All credit to Jennifer at spirittrailfiberworks who dyed the yarns following my inspiration idea. It was a slog, but I love it.


What Im Making? Im working on my new design Edinburgh Cardi, Im having lots of fun moments with this cute stranded work, take a look, pattern will be ready as soon as possible, and yarn kits will be available on my website in June, hand dyed alpaca, ultra soft and great to work with.


I took a break from the Knit-Along for a day to make these.