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What I've Been Watching


Hello everyone,
I just wanted to recommend a couple of wonderful, feel-good movies that seemed to have slipped through the cracks: My House in Umbria with the beloved Maggie Smith and Chris Cooper, and 10 Items or Less with Morgan Freeman:


OK both trailers made me cry. Can’t wait!


I loved my house in Umbria. Have to check the other.


The Morgan Freeman trailer looks hilarious!! Luv it


For those who like detective/ intrigue/ okay if it is sometimes grisly (that’s when having knitting to look at is so helpful) some of my recent favorites are:
Wanted -Netflix 3 seasons!
Secret City- Netflix
Midnight Sun -Hulu (some subtitles but lots of English)

As a quilter and now a knitter AND a retiree I watch WAY too much tv!


Ohhhh, I watched Midnight Sun when it was on a different service. Are they beyond season 1?