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What I've Been Watching


I loved it! Such a great movie!


Sadly, A Place to Call Home has become unwatchable in season 5.


I have been binge watching Parenthood on Hulu…absolutely love it! Before that I watched all episode of both seasons of This Is Us…another amazingly wonderful show!


A Very English Scandal released today on Amazon Prime. 3 episodes. True story. I’m midway through episode 2. Hugh Grant is surprisingly good.


Last Friday Family Movie Night we watched the 2016 movie Swallows and Amazons filmed in England’s Lake District based on the books by Arthur Ransome. The hand-knit sweaters, quality of clothing, and scenery were gorgeous!

The next day my 16 y.o. son bought his first sailboat. It was designed by MIT Marine Engineer Philip Rhodes in 1958. It’s a 14’ daysailing/racer boat built of mahogany.
My son has a stubborn passion for woodworking, making pens, pizza cutters, and nostepinnes! on his lathe. He hopes to attend one of the boat building schools in Maine and made a trip to speak to them in person. His dream path is outside his parents’ path of Patent attorney and optometrist~~it is so difficult for us to guide him. (sigh)


That is one beautiful boat, and oh the shining mahogany!!


Looks to me like you’re doing just fine! Great boat!


Just finished Season 2 of The Crown. I got overly excited about a chair in the background of the scene where Prince Phillip goes to Steven Wards office. It’s a bent wood, mid century chair and I found two of them (TWO!!!) at an estate sale a month or so ago. Got them for a song and a promise of hand knit fingerless gloves for the guy running the sale. Turns out, they were a total steal.

That said, Season 2 seemed to drag a little bit.

My sister just finished The Forest (French with subtitles so not good knitting watching) and has demanded that I watch it so that we can “discuss”. I’m on episode two out of six and so far it’s good. Basically Broadchurch in France. Not as good as Broadchurch but good none the less. Turns out Sissy hadn’t seen Broadchurch yet which is shocking to me because she is all about the coast of England so she started it yesterday.

After The Forest, I’m starting The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.


I :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️ VERP! J L-D is A-MAZing in it. I’m bummed there’s only one more season. I just learned her daughter in the show is Kieffer Sutherland’s daughter.


What I love about t is how their outfits change based on whose perspective we’re seeing. (I’ve become a TV addict so…)


I need to break down and get Netflix. Then I’ll want to upgrade by old TV, and then I’ll want a big one, then I need to decide where I want such a big one… LOL I can turn anything into a big todo. But it would be nice to live in the 21st century… emphasized text


I feel the same re the male bias. Also for me the wealthy bias as well as other demos. How about Insecure. Atlanta. Dietland (love that!), Killing Eve
Of course, black*ish, one of my all-time favorite shows. How to Get Away With Murder. Scandal. VEEP has one African American… I can’t believe how short this list is. If u like reality TV there are several all or mostly African American casts.
Elementary, co-stars Lucy Liu as well as a black detective. I had to look up spelling Liu’s name and then saw Jon Michael Hill. Clearly I just can’t remember cast members!

Oh, that show best for young teens about the FBI and the tattooed woman.

I also Brit & Canadian shows because the actors look more like real people, albeit mostly white ones, sadly.


Also give The Wire a try. I loved it. The writing is extraordinary, the characters are compelling and it is the most diverse cast I’ve ever seen. I heard an interview with David Simon on NPR a few years back and he talked about how he was motivated by the overwhelming attitude that there are not enough talented actors of color to fill racial neutral parts. He set out to prove them wrong. I found the first episode a little bit slow and traditional copshowish but the second episode dragged me in deep. Omar (Michael K. Williams) is the best villain ever!


I just started Making It on NBC on demand. A little gimmicky, but some very talented crafters.


I’ve been watching Luther - British police procedural with Idris Elba. He’s easy on the eyes and the show is fascinating. Hubby, daughter, and I are all watching and discussing together.


New recommendation for Netflix:
Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It’s a BBC show with some stars from Downton Abbey. Great WWII romance. MDK members will like the costumes too.


Loved the book but still don’t have Netflix. Maybe one day.


There is an exhibit of handmade small sail boats in Mystic Seaport. They were called catboats. Really nice.


re: Luther - Alice, played by Ruth Wilson, is one of the best "Jane Eyre"s ever.


I watched RAMS-very good.