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What I've Been Watching


I’ll need to check that out - which version of Jane Eyre?


It was a made-for-TV miniseries


We visited a museum on small 12- 14’ wooden sailboats. Many are passed down through generations to teach children to sail. Because of their small size, some had been stored in barns and in good shape. Loved seeing the boats and old photographs of them in action.

I would love to visit Mystic again – so many neat programs and shows.


Not surprisingly, the book is way better than the movie. I’d like to know what someone who hasn’t read the book thinks about it.


As always. Hope you are well.


Yes! I finished it the first time years ago and go back to the start and do them again about once a year. Great casting. Love Michael Kitchens.


The Neverending Story is now on Netflix. Beware of The Nothing! It is still a danger.


New 6 part BBC series Bodyguard now available on Netflix. Brilliant political / crime mystery. Great cast and written by Jed Mercurio, who also writes the Line of Duty series.


Anybody watching the Hallmark channel, with their line up of Christmas themed romances? Corny I know but all the beautiful sweaters and hats, and snowy scenes, are worth it😍 Now I’m hooked!!


When John Adams first came out I boycotted because of an actor. But a knit pal at my LYS said but you love LauraLinny so watch it. Tho we had never talked about actors, she was right. And I loved the show.

I also LOVE Billions. Especially the twist in last season’s last episode, since I’d been describing the show that way. Oddly enough when I interned in that office about a century ago it wasn’t nearly as exciting nor as nicely appointed!

Also love Killing Eve on BBC-A.

A friend sucked me in to This Is Us even tho, like you it is not me. Alas.

Also loved Big Little Lies which was a delightful surprise. Tho it engendered both West Coast and House envy, til I remembered the earthquakes. And droughts, which cause ginormous fires. And mudslides following the droughts. But then I watch another scene and be envious again.


Hello everyone,
I just wanted to recommend a couple of wonderful, feel-good movies that seemed to have slipped through the cracks: My House in Umbria with the beloved Maggie Smith and Chris Cooper, and 10 Items or Less with Morgan Freeman:


Anyone else a fan of The Tunnel? Season 3 will be available on Amazon on Feb. 5!


Ooh! Thank you! I love Chris Cooper so much!


I gave up on this show once but may have to give it another shot.


I watched a delightful movie on Netflix this afternoon: Juanita* with Alfre Woodard. Good Knitflix!