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What I've Been Watching


We’ve been watching Westworld, which is twisty, dark, violent and beautiful.

But, I’ve been needing some more “comfort food” type watching lately. We rewatched “The Sixth Sense” and it totally holds up. Tissue-worthy, still. Toni Colette is SO GOOD in it!

Also, late last night I watched “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” which was really really great. This is a small relationship dramedy, featuring Sam Neill at maybe his finest. It’s a sort of gentle coming of age/adventure film. Highly recommended. Very heartwarming without being sappy - it earns it! Directed by Taika Waititi, the great mind behind “What We Do In The Shadows.” Here’s a trailer.


Too much of this. Teenagers have an inability to see past right now sometimes. We’ve been hypersensitive to her moods and sometimes find ourselves walking on eggshells around her. We’ve done a few Suicide Awareness walks - it’s devastating to see how many people have been affected.

This boy seemed happy on the outside, he was upset about a girl and took his mom’s high blood pressure meds. Apparently this is a sure fire way to kill yourself. Ugh. The fallout among his family and close friends has been heartbreaking to watch. My daughter has become very close to his friends, which is nice, and she’s spent weekends with my cousin and aunt since then. Something she never had done before. He was my aunt’s only grandchild - just tragic.

So often if I’m watching a show with her it’s a safe place to see consequences of actions without her doing them!


Has anyone mentioned Offspring, the Aussie drama/comedy about a female obstetrician and her wacky family and co-workers?. It currently has 5 seasons on Netflix and I am almost finished with the last season. :frowning:. It makes for good treadmill tv if you aren’t likely to fall off when laughing!


I’ve been getting lots of good suggestions on this thread. I may never leave the front of the television again!

I enrolled in Amazon Prime the other day, and have been bingeing on Transparent ever since. It’s riveting, but I can’t decide if it’s in a “watching a train wreck” kind of way or what. Some of the characters are a bit unlikeable (to me, anyway) so far, but otherwise, it draws me in.


I have been watching Whitehall on amazon prime. I did watch Transparent a while back. Great series.


How awful for everyone! I’m glad it’s providing new friendships and support for your daughter.

Thanks for the recommendation on Being Mary Jane. I’ve watched 2 episodes so far & really like it.


I watched that as well. Have you watched Grace and Frankie? Again, I
really loved the clothes. I am not a clothes person in real life, but I
love to look at the choices on shows.


Yes. Love Grace and Frankie!


I just started watching "This is Us’ tonight and am really enjoying it. 3 episodes was a perfect companion to adding several inches on a small gauge hat.


Whoa ~ can I access Acorn via Amazon Prime, too?


Another discovery in this thread! We have AppleTV but I do not do cable except to get the wifi and major networks. Do you know if I’ll be able to watch BBC without paying anyone something?


Have you watched the Aziz Ansari Netflix comedy from a year or so ago? I’m blanking on the name of it right now but I am finally getting around to it and enjoying it.


Yes! I can watch it on my iPad with the Amazon app or on the television, we use our Wii to access Amazon. It shows up on another line as Acorn.


I’ve watched a few of the Whitehall episodes but I had to take a break. Very intense!


There is a BBCAmerica app that you can download on your apple to app store once you have set it up. The Apple TV is connected through your wifi to your iTunes account. The app is free but very limited. There are not that many shows on it yet but it is new. …you can play other iTunes things as well like music, pictures from your phone, podcasts audio books etc. there are a bunch of free apps for the Apple TV once you have set it up.
I can also stream my computer, ipad or phone to the tv through it. So I can watch amazon prime on my tv through my iPhone which is pretty cool. (there is an amazon video app for my phone).
Once you have done it once all of the processes are pretty much the same.
The Whitehall shows are very dark. I did watch them alone but had trouble sleeping afterward.
Mike fell asleep when he tried to watch them.


Master of None. I. Love. That. Show. :slight_smile: My favorite is when he flies to Nashville on a date.


I replied below. There is also a cbs app that I am using to watch Bull. Also free.


Oh, I didn’t recognize his name, but once I looked him up I recognized his face. I will try some of his things on Netflix. Thanks!


This show may have a limited audience on a knitting chat room, but do check out The Grand Tour on amazon if you liked Top Gear (I am the Stig)!


We’ve started watching this. I am always looking for shows that both my husband and I can enjoy. On Netflix we watched Long Way Down about a motorcycle trip that Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman took from London to New York. We’re watching the sequel now, Long Way Down which takes them from Scotland to South Africa. Not all about motorcycles, a lot about the human condition.