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What I've Been Watching


so i jumped into The Crown this morning, over my coffee, and I love it too! Wow. had to stop myself at episode 4 so i don’t run out too soon. not a fan of Phillip, I’ve gotta say. As in, not of the character. the acting of this whole crew is fantastic.


Anyone watching Westworld?


Me! Just finished last night. Whew! No spoilers here of course. Happy to discuss on a separate thread!


Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on Acorn. The wonderful hats! The beautiful dresses! The fabulous coats! The chic trousers! Plus the interesting and sometimes funny plots. I can just watch them over and over.


Also started watching a show on bbcamerica called Orphan Black. It is a sci if mystery thriller about human clones.
Have been watching alot of tv lol due to bronchitis. Thankful for tv.


I liked the Crown. It was interesting to watch it with my MIL who remembered some of it.


I’m really enjoying Being Mary Jane–thanks for the recommendation. It has kept me company through almost-all-night bouts of insomnia. Lack of sleep certainly makes for productive knitting, but also a really tired knitter. Yawn.


I also found myself intensely disliking Phillip as well. I never really knew much about him, except for the bare facts of his life, but he is just awful. I keep hoping that he is going to meet with an untimely end in the series, but as the real Phillip is still alive and well, I know that’s not going to happen.


That is my favorite show. All the thumbs up!


This is Us is also a big hit at our house. The dialogue and acting are outstanding, plus way too much of the situations resonate with our lives (right down to us having boy girl twins and challenging parental relationships). I find I can’t knit during the show unless it is totally mindless, never-look-at-your-hands stuff.

Like susan3, we’ve also been sucked into Mars.

I have been working my way through the audiobooks of the Outlander series and am interested in watching the series some day. My husband walks in sometimes while I’m listening and knitting and thinks it must be really boring because the reader has an English accent. I think he’d be surprised to find out how much sex is in it.


Check out Mars and This is Us. Both have nonwhite main characters (who aren’t terrorists or drug dealers).


Other channels are avail. via Amazon Prime. Look for “your channels” and a lot of different choices will appear there. They are often available for a 30 day free trial, after that there is a monthly fee. I think Acorn is around $5/month. I am plowing through a 30 day free trial of HBO thee days. Enjoy.


Cool. Thanks. Been meaning to try This is Us (we’re adoptive parents in a transracial adoption), but can’t stay up late enough to watch it, and we’re old-fashioned folks w/o DVR, etc. Will have to catch it when it gets put on Netflix or Amazon. I don’t know about Mars–I will check that out.


So if you liked this and you want to learn more about Icelandic culture you might want to read Independent People by Pulitzer Prize winning Icelandic author Haldor Laxness. Full of the same dark humor and fatal stubbornness


Has anyone seen the new doku series on Netflix called Captive? Wow! Its about hostage situations. Its so good! And so awful and sad and happy.

I know its weird, but I have always been so fascinated by hostage-stories. Ever since borrowing my mothers Readers Digest as a kid.


I used to love Reader’s digest humor pages! Blast from the past.


Lately watching Newsroom. Loving it.


Newsroom is one of my favorite shows!


The Danish Girl! Fantastic. Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander are able to communicate so much with just their facial expressions. This is really an amazing love story and a deep and touching portrayal of being transgender. It is based in fact from the true story of the first transgender person to undergo reassignment surgery. So brave and so terrifying.

There is so much to this movie to feast upon including the set design, which is perfect…straight out of a Hammershoi painting. I know I sound breathless here; I can’t help it, I loved this movie.

Trailer-The Danish Girl

One of Hammershoi’s paintings

p.s. I am watching this via HBO, I have a 30 day free trial.


I loved newsroom too. I think they were really getting going in the 3rd season. It is too bad it ended there. Jeff Daniels was perfect as the anchor.