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What I've Been Watching


Netflix watchers: Season 2 of Sensitive Skin is available. Dramady, Kim Cattrall, Toronto. So good.


Check out the lifespan of this Aran sweater!!!


I am very much looking forward to the return of Sherlock on PBS tonight.

I am also excited to watch my Cubs World Series DVDs this winter. I got them for Christmas, and it will be fun to watch now that I know how it ends. I hope to actually enjoy it this time. :smile:


Thanks for the link. This is a quiet, poignant little video. I recently retired and my days are so different now. Time is moving very fast. The video really touched me.


My pleasure! It made me feel wistful and happy.


Just had to cross-post this here from the Handspinning Corner:

Hi there! I’m a wannabe spinner (I just signed up for a March beginner spinning class at Loop in Philly). I wanted to share that I just stumbled across this delightful 1978 mini-documentary called “Hands,” about sheep trade and spinning in Ireland. There are enough hardy and skilled hands, rosy faces, sheepy goodness, fleeces, and spinning wheels (including great/walking wheels) in this half-hour to keep me smiling for hours. Hope you enjoy!


Has anyone seen The OA? On Netflix, seriously good.

Also, here’s something I thought the groups would enjoy


In the current Supergirl series, Jimmy Olsen is black (and goes by James).


Thanks for the heads up. I’ll check it out. :slight_smile:


I realize Im really late to this party but have been enjoying the old Gilmore Girls episodes on Netflix so much. Getting so much knitting done!


I LOVE! Working my way through A Place to Call Home, caught all of Miranda before it left, all of Doc Martin. There’s SO MUCH MORE… so little time…


I’m spending a few hours with Sneaky Pete today as I get some samples and swatches knit for upcoming February classes.


I am catching up on This Is Us on demand. I came in late for that game! And tonight is episode 2 of Victoria. I’m ready!


How are you liking Sneaky Pete?


Quite a lot. The cast is great, the twists are surprising and I’ve managed another 2 inches on this project. Have you watched?

eta - yikes. not for the squeamish.


I’m binge-watching Game of Thrones. Yesterday, I made it through season one while swatching for a few (ahem) new projects. I took a break from swatching to pull yarn from stash for a couple projects I must cast on immediately. Five more season to go.


I’ve been watching “The Americans”. It’s an awesome series and I don’t know why I waited so long to give it a try! It’s interesting to see how the Cold War is portrayed and little weird to see how many of those events I remember. I knit for comrades while watching! :slight_smile:


Just finished that…and then coincidentally, I began to listen to an audiobook narrated by Simon Prebbles, who plays QEII’s father! All That is Solid Melts into Air.


I am currently watching the Cubs play the Dodgers in the 6th game of the National League Championship Series. The one where the Cubs win and then go to the World Series.

I got the DVDs for Christmas. I love baseball and knitting…


That sounds fun. I love to watch baseball and knit. Cannot wait for the season to start. The Giants used to have Stitch and Pitch games and I remember a camera shot of a woman winding her yarn using her husband’s outstretched arms. The TV announcers, Krukow and Kuiper, had a good chuckle about that.