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What I've Been Watching


I just started The Americans on Amazon prime. I guess I have Ann and Kay to thank for this time suck.


I rewatched Season 3 and just started Season 4. Sometimes I have to stop knitting, though, because my tension gets tense®.


so in between staring outside at the snows and banging out my hadley, i’ve been watching Blacklist. Y’ALL. have you seen it? Holy cow, I always knew I liked James Spader, but now I’m just mesmerized. He is simultaneously hilarious, tenderhearted, and efficiently cruel. It’s magic. I can’t stop watching it. And the first season is something like 22 or more awesome episodes, so you can just keep on going. Into the 2nd season now, and I still like it.

Serious props to this show. And to Spader, of course. He is, as I said to someone else, everything.


Just re-binged on the dark and suspenseful Luther, starring Idris Alba.

Re-watched all of Happy Valley with Sarah Lancashire. She plays the powerful, hard on the outside, soft in the center, main character - great dialogue and filled with suspense. She is also in a series called Last Train to Halifax – truly binge-worthy. Great cast in all three with wonderful writing, and perfect to settle in and knit by.


We have really enjoyed this show also. Probably the earlier ones more than the current.


Thanks to Kay for suggesting The People v O.J. Simpson on Netflix. While I was knitting away the other night I got locked into it. I stayed up until 2:30 am and watched all ten episodes in one fell swoop. It was fascinating to watch it all over again in the context of what is going on now. I thought Travolta was so creepy-good as Shapiro. Thanks again, MDK. Oh my goodness, I used to dress like Marcia Clark and even had a perm. Ouch.


Me too! I sometimes get on FanDuel and create a fantasy team to make the games even more compelling! Multi-tasking!


I’ve been watching Lemony Snicket on Netflix. And am up to date on Top Chef.


I love Outlander! The books are such great adventure-romance-pulp historical fiction. Plus, the show is filled with fabulous hand-knits. I want to knit everything I see, including those mitts Clare’s wearing in that photo.


I am watching When We Rise, which is beautiful and heartbreaking, but wow there are a lot of commercials.


I think you will find that show is called “Last Tango in Halifax” - I may have to watch it again. So much fun to see our fav British actors cropping up in other shows. I just started Acorn channel last nite and I am amazed how many series Martin Clews ( of Doc Martin fame) is in.


Yes, you are exactly right. It is the Last Tango…I must have been thinking about the Monkees’ Last Train to Clarksville. You are also right about Martin Clews; he is in a ton of documentaries about animals. Who knew?


Last night I started to watch ‘John Adams’ on HBO, and the costumes are amazing. If you like that kind of thing. The quilted skirt in the last scene is pause worthy. And the plot is historical and therefore somewhat educational, which is not painful.
On a comepletey different note, ‘Big Little Lies’, is entertaining. And ‘Billions’. And The latest craze, ‘This is Us’, although it was not me. My daughters are in a state over it.


I’ve been watching all the Arne and Carlos weekly videos from 2016, in chronological order. Usually watch a couple on Sundays, while knitting. Last night had to put my knitting down while Arne cut a steek. Seeing how happy Carlos is about having a sweater knit for him is just so darned sweet. Sort of makes me want to fall in love with a soulmate and knit a sweater.


Thank you for reminding me about Arne and Carlos. I love those guys. They are knitting wizards turning out the cutest/coolest projects, and having so much fun doing it. I wish they lived next door.


I agree - would love to be their neighbor. Compare fiber notes over drinks on the veranda. Exchange cuttings from the garden.
Plus, they renovated an old train station which has always been one of my dreams!


I was watching video podcasts this weekend and this one came up as a suggestion. The Great Knit Off which is a Danish tv show, 3 seasons, 2014, 2015 and 2016. But only Season 1, episode 9 and Season 2, episode 2 have English subtiitles!

So I decided to start with Season 2 so I could understand what was happening from the beginning. I was amazed at how much of the show I could keep up with even though I could not understand Danish. I loved seeing the knit wear that the contestants and the judges wore each week! Christel Seyfarth and Vithard Villumsen are the hosts, check them out on Ravelry. You can’t buy her patterns, only kits unfortunately, but they’re amazing. One of my favorites was Mette Larsen, her clothing each week was beautiful. And Rebekka as well! Here’s the link to the episode I started with:


And the second task was a project from Arne and Carlos - small world, this Norwegian knitting world! :slight_smile:


Or Danish knitting world?


On Ravelry, Rebekka has a few posts where she explains what was going on -it was really interesting. It really is a small world! I’ve knit these Christmas balls, but don’t know that I could recreate one without any kind of a pattern.