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What I've Been Watching


That totally baffled me - giving the competitors a “blurry” picture and expecting them to duplicate the ornament. I guess if they didn’t want them to have the pattern to work from, that’s one thing. But why ask them to recreate the exact same ornament from a “blurry” picture? Why not at least give them a decent-quality image? Scratching my head…


Last month, I was at my LYS looking for ‘the perfect vest pattern’ for some yarn I unearthed in my “clear out 2017 things in 2017” purge that I started in January. I picked up a magazine that had some great patterns, but after I bought it, and started reading the articles (yes, I only buy the magazine for the articles…) there was a piece on a designer who knit for a TV show that I’d never watched. So I started watching (and knitting), and am now part way through season 2 of The Mindy Project. I’m still looking for the knitwear that was featured in the article (it’s probably in a later season), but it’s definitely mindless knitting-worthy TV. No subtitles to watch, no intricate plot twists to keep track of. I might finish my Hadley yet!


I watched Enlightenment during the blizzard. It grew on me.
My new guilty pleasure is The Voice. I love listening to the music and seeing the contestants get cheered on by their families. I get choked up.


OMG, I am watching the slow descent into delirium called Slow TV…the one where a group of Norwegian women and a sheep farmer go from hoof to sweater in 8 hours. It starts out prim and clear eyed and ends with fits of giggling, greasy hands, and spacey silences. It was perfect for finishing a watch cap in fingering weight yarn that has been languishing in my work bag! Done with the hat. Now I want to go to Norway!


Sounds about my “speed”! Is this on Netflix or ??


Yes! Netflix has slow knitting and firewood night and the train to Bergen!
I can’t wait to watch all of them


I find The Voice perfect for knitting. I can pretend I’m a judge (not watch, just listen) and make some serious progress on my projects.

I just finished watching season 1 of This Is Us. Love the show even though it doesn’t work for knitting (I need to pay close attention to what isn’t said as well as what is in order to completely follow the story). It is definitely one of my favorite network shows ever.


We’ve just started re-watching the Nero Wolfe series (with Timothy Hutton and Maury Chaykin). So good. So very good. And perfect to knit along to.


This weekend I watched Hotel Bon Séjour on Netflix. It turned into a binge watch with my husband. It is in Belgian so there are subtitles, so you will need a lot of garter or stockinette. But it was **

worth it.

** Now I need a new show, in english so I can make the button bands and be done with my sweater.


I am not sure if this has been mentioned or not, but I have just discovered The Great Knit Off. The episodes are on youtube (with english subtitles). Very interesting, but not so good for knitting and watching since one has to read the subtitles.


Thanks, I found the Slow Knitting videos on Netflix! There are two, but the descriptions are identical! So strange. Which one do you recommend watching first? Maybe it doesn’t matter?
I also added the train to my list :wink:


I LOVE that Nero Wolf series! But I can’t knit while watching it. For me, it’s like Poirot - I have to revel in all the visual detail :slight_smile:


It’s true, it’s more of a ‘plain stockinette knitting’ while watching. Although I am knitting the yoke of my Hadley, and last night I only had to tink back twice while watching the episode “Death of a Doxy”.


I watched “National Knitting Night” as opposed to “National Knitting Evening.” But I’m sure they’re all good!


Thank you. I want to watch Nero Wolf while I finish a v-neck vest I am working on. I can’t find it via Amazon Prime (streaming) or Netflix. How are you watching it? :spy:


We have the series on DVD. Our local public library has copies to borrow.


Thank you. The library!


Is anyone watching The Doctor Blake Mysteries? I’m stumped over the Singapore story line at the end of season one. (Spoiler alert) What happened to the daughter? Maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention. I shall keep watching as I rip and restart the baby sweater after my #helpfulknittingcat thought it would be great fun to pull the needle fully out as I was nearly done fixing it after he pulled the needle fully out!


Harry and Snowman is a wonderful documentary currently in Netflix about Harry deLeyer. It includes background history of him being a boy in the Netherlands during WWII being part of the underground to help Jews and soldiers​. After the war he and his wife came to the US and taught riding at a girl’s school on Long Island. They started their own horse farm and raised their family. The quality of the photos and family film footage from the 50s and 60s is great.


I’m getting a bunch of knitting done on my Resident Vest while I watch a new-to-me series on Amazon Prime called “Miss Fisher Mysteries”. Takes place in Australia in the late 1920s, and is quite fun. While we probably could’ve watched by getting an AcornTV subscription, we’ve instead gone with purchasing the first season, and every time we finish an episode, my husband and I look at each other and say “That was an EXCELLENT way to spend a dollar and a quarter”, which is the amortized price per episode of buying the season. For those of you with AcornTV, it’s on there somewhere, I think. Thumbs way up, we’ll undoubtably watch the series again when we’re done going through it the first time.