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What I've Been Watching


We just finished watching season three of the Bosch series. We like.


The Handmaid’s Tale.
Harder to knit to than most programs, but I did get 3" of a moss stitch yoke done…

Elizabeth Moss is amazing.


Moss Stitching to Moss acting. I like that.:innocent:


“Allo Allo” is now on Netflix. My life is complete.


I just started watching “Shetland” on Netflix and I can’t stop! On season 3!


Is anyone watching Anne with an E on Netflix? Enchanting.


I need to queue that up! I am open-minded but it will be hard to meet my expectations!


Binge watched Anne with an E and now eagerly awaiting the second series.
The series has the charm and exuberance of Anne from the books and the wonderful 1980s series, but this series does not set out to be a faithful interpretation of the books and does have a more adult / introspective approach, especially with regard to Anne’s early life experiences.


I was particularly fond of the series w Megan Follows and Colleen Dewhurst. When I was a college student studying chemistry and economics, there were parents of a friend that would fly me out to Cape Cod and Boston and we’d talk about Children’s Literature and needlework. Once I said I had a large research paper and presentation after the weekend and they still flew me out for a visit. The mother stayed up with me typing the paper and double checking the spelling on chemical compound names while I hand drew the diagrams. I always remember how fun she made that all-nighter. Her favorite afternoon was to have me over for tea in her Wedgewood China and watch the two videos of Anne of Green Gables made in the eighties. Megan Follows looked a lot like the illustrations of the first three Anne books I received in 1974 as a fourth grader. I wish I knew the illustrator. It was the most appealing cover I had seen for the Anne books. The videos made in the eighties seemed to borrow material from the Emily books as well. Those Emily books are good as well! After grad school I took a trip w my mom and a special aunt, who has inspired me in literature and history, to Prince Edward Island. The new series, from an adult perspective, seems to portray the land topography and architecture of the island and seems true to what a young, smart, imaginative, verbose orphan from her harsh background might be like. I am enjoying the series.

When my oldest son was in sixth grade our school’s curriculum used a lot of classic like David Copperfield, Prince and the Pauper,etc. and Anne of Green Gables was on the mandatory reading list. Some parents wondered how their all boy family would get through but were pleasantly surprised it turned out to be one of their son’s favorite book for the year!! By the time my next son got to that grade those three books were replaced by Rising Esmeralda and Master Puppeteer which are good stories but sad the other classics were retired. If not on the required reading, it is hard for them to make time for those classics.


Thanks for all the great suggestions in this thread. Looking forward to many a happy hour knitting and netflixing. :slight_smile: Anne with an E is now on my list as soon as I’m done binging on Call the Midwife. After watching Luther and a couple of other darker shows am in the mood for a great feel good show.


I tried posting in the comments section of Kay’s recent letter about Lincoln in the Bardo but my comments won’t post.

What I said was that in addition to the wonderful knitting here on the MDK site - I have found so many wonderful book and movie suggestions.

I recently started season 1 of The Americans (on Kay’s suggestion I think?) and it is wonderful. There are moments when you have to put your knitting down to read the English translation of Russian dialogue but it’s engrossing!

I signed up for Netflix (after our recent US election) as an escape and have worked my way through Friday Night Lights which was terrific. I find at lot of comedy specials on there are terrific too. The Crown was amazing. I recently started An Idiot Abroad on Netflix which is very entertaining (Ricky Gervais sends his friend on adventures and it’s hilarious!).

Also - I find documentaries perfect for knitting.


Downward Dog (yes that’s what the title is)! It sounds SO corny - talking dog, earnest, bumblling owner, other odd but mostly charming hangers-on, but it’s really cool and amusing. If you’re a dog person, try it. Currently on ABC on Tuesday nights and also streaming on their website (Google title).

Caveat - we’ve only seen 2 episodes so as with so many network TV shows there’s no telling whether the writing will hold up over the long term.


Bingewatching Anne with an E - based on Anne of Green Gables. Send chips!


Oh my goodness. I just binged on the House of Cards. The season was panned in the NYT, but I enjoyed it. The wonderful character actress, Patricia Clarkson added a lot to the last few episodes. It is worth a look.


Anyone watching The Heart Guy?


OMG so good! Just watched it last night.


Am minutes away from finishing Season 1. How did I miss this?!?


Update - sadly, cancelled by the network :disappointed:


Sorry to hear that. It seemed like a good rainy day option!


Just finished Season 1 and Season 2 of The Bletchley Circle. What next? Decisions, decisions.