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What I've Been Watching


I haven’t been able to get many books-on-tape from the library lately, it is such a busy place in summer, so I went to the “Fruity Knitting” site and watched their Podcast #31 about “knitting comfortably with Carson Demers”. It is a life saver, well moreso for my hands and arms where I have been having all sorts of aches. I do have several types arthritis and his knowledge and suggestions were so on the spot that I even ordered his book. I want to keep knitting for a long while and I think it might help. (I’m still waiting for some more grandchildren!)


I just started watching Z: The Beginning of Everything on Amazon Prime. It’s about Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald and when they first met in 1918. Forget the story and the Southern accents - watch it for the clothes!


The book is amazing - he doesn’t just write about WHAT to do, he explains WHY in as much detail as you would like. And he has “swatchortunities” for people - like me - who learn by doing. He also includes a chapter and tips throughout on computing, since that can cause some of the same problems. I also have arthritis and it has been helpful - I hope it works for you.


My teen and I have been watching “Orphan Black” via Amazon Prime for the past month; we just finished season 3. One remarkable actor portrays several characters within an ever-evolving mystery-conspiracy set in Toronto. I think it’s a BBC production currently airing its fifth (& final?) season. We are hooked!


Yes, it is a wonderful book. I already have learned a lot, in fact I knew some or really quite a few of my aches and pains were related to knitting so I have stopped for a while and am resting, with gradual exercise.
I do so miss knitting.


My girls (12&16) and I just binged the first season of The Good Place this weekend and I found it delightful to finish my Dangling Conversation shawl to ~


I’m obsessed with Foyle’s War, which is a detective show set in WWII England. We’re getting it on DVDs via Netflix; not sure where/how else it is available, but I recommend it if you find it on your preferred service.


New Masterpiece series on PBS called “The Collection.” Looks very promising! It has history, It has fashion. It has drama.


I’ve got another recommendation: original to Discovery Channel (I think)but now on Netflix, Manhunt: Unabomber offers a 10-ep dive into the Kacszynki case. Engrossing even when you know the outcome!


Well, thanks to @Ann1, I’ll probably be watching the Before Sunrise trilogy soon. I get such an urge to watch it when other people are discussing it. I suppose I could watch Boyhood, too, though I prefer the romance of Delpy/Hawke. I’m dying to hear what you think of the third one!!!


…and the Delpy thing leads me back to her other great work: White in the Tres Coleurs trilogy, Two Days in New York with Chris Rock, and I’m sure there are a bunch of others I don’t even know. She is such a good writer, too…she’s responsible for a lot of the dialogue in the Before movies.

***And it looks like Netflix has a new film, Lolo, that she wrote!


Ahhhh one of my fave Masterpiece shows is back with Season 2. The Durrells in Corfu. It is absolutely, hilariously delightful.

I got tired of Poldark (how much misery can one stand) and didn’t watch it last season. But I may pick it back up this season. The season premier was on after the Durrells and I watched it. George and Elizabeth are just as awful as ever. More so really. Ross and Demelza are up to their usual drama. In short, I don’t feel like I missed anything important.


I just finished Season 2 of The Crown. Watched Season 1 this summer. Now I have to wait until next year? for Season 3.
I loved it and constantly had to go to my computer (Google) to ‘remember’ the various historical events. Queen Elizabeth is about 10 years older than me and I remember the various news items about her.
I was intrigued with the actor that played Anthony Armstron Jones. It was Matthew Goode and It turns out that he was in the final season of Downton Abbey and in the TV series, Good Wife.
I loved the final scene and need to watch it again.
However, Victoria is coming up and it is good also.


I loved The Collection.


I watched The Light Between Oceans tonight. Achingly sad, but a great sweater movie!


A bout of flu over the holidays led me beyond my usual PBS repeats, and I discovered that Hugh Bonneville can be quite funny, in a sendup of the BBC and corporate life in general called W1A. It’s 75% TheBritish Office and 25% Seinfeld. Streams on Netflix and I’m not sure about Amazon and I recommend at least trying it. Takes at least 2-3 episodes to start to get the entire joke(s).


I just started watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime. Funny, poignant, incredibly nuanced - everything you’d expect from the people who created the Gilmore Girls. Not the best for knitting because it is so visually delicious! There are only eight episodes, so I am trying to make it last!__


Binging Younger, having spent the holidays devouring Bunheads with my dancing tween. That Sutton Foster is a delight!


I’m now in to Big Little Lies. Super fun.


Angels in America on Amazon Prime. Watched it new on HBO and thrilled to binge now.