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Xmas Knitting Anyone?


Anyone else start thinking about this after Kay’s post this morning? (april11). I have yarn and projects lined up for more than half… But given that this year is scarf year, they are going to take a while (5 or 6 scarves). This post got me thinking that I better get cracking. The double wide parallelogram scarf is never ending (making it for myself) and have the yarn to make 3 more as gifts).

This post got me thinking that, all though it may only be April… I may actually be behind! lol.

Did this post get anyone else thinking about their holiday knitting?



Yes! I’ve been thinking about it for at least a month. Done anything? Not much but pulled out some stash projects and a WIP. You’ve jogged my resolve…thanks!



I have not really been thinking about it yet. But perhaps I should. Perhaps if I don’t wait until Halloween to think about this, I won’t feel so crazed as Christmas approaches.

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I am struggling with a lace pattern scarf for our village show in September, also, half way through a poncho for granddaughter, then have to knit cable jumper for grandson. Daughter saw an adult poncho pattern which I sort of agreed to knit her for Christmas maybe not 1999 one though! One day I might get round to knitting something for me. I quite fancy some lacy fingerless gloves.



I have been thinking about and looking at the stash but no big plans yet. Our 4 grown boys expect a beanie each year so that’s the easy part. Thinking of shawls for the two teenage grandaughters. Maybe. Then there are the babies…:flushed:

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