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Your Favorite Knitting Podcasts?


There’s a wide, wide world of people talking about knitting, both in audio and video podcast form. Who are you following?


I keep track of the Crazy Sock Lady – in case you were wondering, she knits socks as well as other things.


Bigfoot Fibers, Sheila Pinkston who does fabulously dyes yarns.


Ann, you were reading my mind! As I was knitting last night I was thinking that I should post this query on The Lounge, as the last time my friends and I discussed this matter was a handful of years ago… Thank you for getting this started, as I need some more knitting vibes constantly swirling around me.

FYI, I sporadically listen to Two Ewes Fiber Adventures.


I love listening to the Knit British podcast, and also really enjoy watching the Fruity Knitting podcast.


I prefer podcasts with two voices, rather than one person talking to herself. I’m not real consistent, but I have enjoyed The Knitmore Girls, Two KnitLit Chicks and Teaching Your Brain to Knit. I also enjoy watching/listening to Kristy Glass Knits on YouTube.


I listen to the Knitmore Girls, 2 Knit Lit Chicks, Cogknitive Podcast, Knitting Pipeline, Knitcircus, Yarns from Yinhoo, Twinset Designs, and Knitting Boutique’s Saturday Morning Breakfast Club (and Lovett or Leave it- NOT about knitting!)and watch The Fruity Knitting podcast, The Gentle Knitter podcast, and a host of others.

I’m in the car a lot for my job - but watch the videocasts at home, LOL!

Oh- another cool non-knitting podcast is the Moth podcast.


The sockmatician is a brit who talks about his theater life as well as knitting. He designs crazy wonderful things. His specialty is double knitting.


DoubleKnit podcast with Jessica and Erin!


Fruity Knitting! Kristy Glass! Both of which I found through MDK, so that’s not really new info :slight_smile:


I dip into Woolful occasionally and like it very much. But I unfailingly listen to Pomcast, the podcast from the Pompom Quarterly crew, and that’s not just because they had me a guest once. But they certainly showed exquisite taste in asking me on :wink:


Melissa and Lisa from Espace Tricot in Montreal have a fabulous podcast on YouTube. They are obviously good friends and have a lot of funny banter back and forth. But more importantly, I love so many of the projects that they highlight. I whipped through all of the podcast (there’s only about 8) and I find myself anxiously awaiting their next one.


Oops forgot to add: Kammebornia videocast, Teaching Your Brain to Knit podcast.


Ummmm…I’m starting one probably next week. As soon as I get my youngest packed for college and my roots touched up!

I’ve got my notes done, my sidekick is ready, the channel is set up, the lavaliere mic is here, and the production department at the college where I teach (and have about decided to retire from, hence the podcast) is going to help with the software editing and hopefully tell me how bad it stinks before they let me make an idiot of myself!

I’m thinking of playing to my strengths as a really good storyteller, bordering on standup, given the subject, and maybe focusing on knitting as part of our cultural history, in addition to what I’m doing, etc. I’m also planning to post my workarounds I’ve had to come up with to deal with being both left handed and living with a chronic form of autoimmune arthritis that frequently leaves my hands either looking like R2D2 or a claw. So far, I have a crushed toe from some of my dissertation references falling down from the closet shelf and a lump on my head from the dog running away from the noise of a tackle box full of notions falling on him!

Does this sound like something you would want to watch?


Absolutely! What are you going to call it, so I can look out for it??


Fruity Knitting is one I enjoy. Especially like the segment focusing on knitters from different countries but it’s all good.


I also listen to Imagined Landscapes!


Well hell yeah! That just means they have good taste:)!

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So I’m catching up (or beginning to fully follow) Fruity Knitting and am on episode 22 where they mention mdk mentioning them. It is as though I have fallen through the looking glass!

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I just stumbled on the Vogue Knitting podcast. They’ve had some good interviews, I think. I’ve enjoyed it.